Friday, November 2, 2012

KnitPurlGurl Video Podcast, S2, Ep2: Playing Catch Up!

Show Notes:

Since Last We Spoke:
  • My Birthday
  • Rhinebeck
  • Creeping Crud
  • Today's Taste: Fair Trade Organic House Blend
    • 100% Organic Arabica Coffee
    • The cornerstone of our Fair Trade Organic line - FTO House Blend is a satisfying blend of medium and dark roasts. Deep, rich and full-bodied. Certified Fair Trade and organic.
FOs, HOs, & UFOs:
  • Trick or Treat Socks
    • Wendy Knits Toe-Up, Slip St Heel 
    • Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Spun2Tight's Trick or Treat Colorway
  • Culloden
    • Crescent shaped shawl design
    • Garter st & cables
    • Knit in Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Stonewashed Colorway
  • Crocus Socks (for STV)
    • Crocus Socks by Wendy D. Johnson
    • Knit in Dizzie Lizzie's SW Sock Yarn in Irish Eyes Are Smilin' Colorway
  • Nacken
    • By Anna Dalvi
    • Knit in Creatively Dyed Yarns Waterfall Lace in Drip Colorway
New Additions:
Worth Mentioning:
Book Review:
Birthday Celebration Giveaway Winners:



  1. Hi there! I actually met you at Rhinebeck, you were standing in the coffee line with Wendy and My son was with me - he was going to make me introduce myself to Wendy - he is so funny! I didn't connect in my head who you were - that is because I just started watching you with your first episode back from a break! Happy I met you anyway! So sorry you had to leave Rhinebeck early - I started going 13/14 years ago and in the past few years it has just exploded! So much fun! Thanks for your podcast!

    1. Hi Vanessa!! I remember both you & your son!! Hope to you again at Rhinebeck 2013!


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