Sunday, October 21, 2012

STITCHES East, Rhinebeck, and Aches Oh My!

This was a whirlwind last couple of weeks.  I got to go to STITCHES East for the first time and then Rhinebeck for the first time!!  Let me just say that I'm not a huge shopper at these events.  Not that I don't want all the things, but I buy yarn here and there throughout the year and keep myself in check at events so that I'm not blowing huge wads of cash in my excitement to be at fiber festivals.  Because believe me, there is this frenzy that happens at these large shows and festivals and it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy when there are literally hundreds and thousands of knitters around you participating in it!!!

At STITCHES East, I got to meet such lovelies as Susan of Kollage Yarns, Stacy of The Fine Needle, Kristin Omdahl, Drew Emborsky, Lindsey of Erin Lane Bags, the Signature Needle Arts ladies, the wonderful sweethearts at the Wandering Wool booth, Wendy from Knit1HeartToo Podcast, Melissa from the His and Hers Podcast, Daniel Yuhas, Zontee of Lion Brand Yarn, and countless readers of the blog!  Everyone was so friendly and extremely nice.  I also re-connected with Stacey Trock from Fresh Stitches and Crochet Chat podcast!

At Rhinebeck, I was such a fan-girl!  I was surrounded by amazing yarn dyers, authors, designers, fellow bloggers and podcasters, and all-around terrific fiber friends!  Loved getting to meet so many people I interact with daily on Ravelry, Twitter, Google+, & Plurk at the Ravelry Meetup!  At the Podcaster Meetup, I finally got to meet & reconnect with some of my fave podcasters and online buds including Kim from Craft Stash, Wendy & Sheila from Knit1HeartToo, Melissa & Sean from His & Hers Podcast, Maria from Subway Knits Podcast, Diane from Knitabulls, Tina from Knitting Blooms Podcast, Darren & Amy from Knitting in Circles Podcast, Emily from Whatcha Swatchin Podcast, Jen from Commuter Knitter Podcast, Laura from Apocolyptic Diner Podcast, Jadee from the Twisted Strands Podcast, Lori from HappyCrafter207 Podcast, Carin from Round the Twist, Carolyn from Girlfriends Knitting Podcast, Vicki of the Dragonfly Soars podcast, Ellen & Jan from the Twin Set Designs Podcast, Lois from KnittingsMyBag (Fab Etsy Shop!), and Lisa of Fibernymph Dyeworks and 90% Knitting Podcast!!  I also got to meetup with some fabulous PA ladies: Marilyn & Marybeth (and her hubby)!!   I got to meet Elisabeth Sliney Marino and reconnect with Barb of  Dragonbrook Yarns! And if that weren't enough,  I got to meet the lovely Ysolda Teague!

The only bad thing about Rhinebeck was that I was only there for 5 hrs.  :(  There was so much to see and so many people to talk to, that 5 hours couldn't possibly be enough time to do and see everything I wanted to.  But hey, I'm not complaining.  I had a ton of fun and am so, so thrilled I got to go.  I received so many hugs, warm welcomes, Happy Birthday greetings, and genuine smiles & kindness while I was there.  It was so humbling and overwhelming to be surrounded by such amazing knitters.  To see all of the garments everyone was wearing was very exciting. There were gorgeous crocheted garments, knit garments, nuno felted garments.. It was fabulous!  There are some extremely talented fiber peeps in this world and I'm thrilled that I got to see and meet so many yesterday!

If I forgot to mention you in this blog post, I sincerely apologize.  There wasn't 1 person I met over the past 2 weeks, who wasn't an absolute pleasure to meet and chat with!  Our fiber community rocks my socks!

Oh ya - the ACHES part.  After carrying 2 heavy bags and waddling all around Rhinbeck in rainboots, I ache everywhere today!  That's what I get for being old and outta shape!! LOL!  Time for some Ibuprofen, BenGay, and recuperation before the next big show - Fiber Festival of New England (Nov. 3-4, 2012 in West Springfield, Mass.)!  I'll be there with bells on!!  'Hope I get to meet or see some of y'all again!!!

Knit on!



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