Monday, September 10, 2012

OT: 30 Min. A Day To a Spotless House!

I found that not only am I an ADD knitter, but I'm an ADD house cleaner. I tend to try to accomplish all of the cleaning on 1 day, which is just crazy!  Taking cues from some other bloggers, I've decided to come up with a common sense schedule of cleaning to keep my house spotless! (Or as clean as it can possibly be with 2 kids and 2 dogs.)

Here's the schedule:

  1. Tidy up house (pick up things that are out of place)
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Wash laundry & put away
  4. Wipe down kitchen & bathroom counters
  5. Quickly wipe down appliance fronts
  1. Dust all furniture
  2. Dust all molding: baseboard, crown, chair rail, window, and door trim
  3. Dust all electronics
  4. Dust all light fixtures
  5. Dust all framed art
  6. Dust all knick knacks
  7. Dust spindles and rails
  1. Sweep all hard surfaced flooring
  2. Vacuum all rugs and carpets
  1. Wash all hard surfaced flooring
  2. Spot clean (if necessary) all rugs and carpets
  1. Wash out sinks
  2. Clean toilets
  3. Scrub tile in shower/ clean bath tub
  4. Wash mirrors and faucets
  1. Discard expired or old food
  2. Wash out fridge shelves & compartments
Once a Month:
  1. Wash windows
  2. Clean dishwasher and washing machine
  3. Clean hampers & recycle bins
  4. Organize closets
Just working on these chores 30 minutes a day (more or less depending on your space), helps to keep the house orderly and clean.  It typically takes me 30 minutes of daily chores plus 15-60 minutes of the chores listed for the specific day of the week (It can be as little as 15 min. or as much as 60 min. It all evens out.). Do your chores early in the day, and your day is a snap!



  1. Where's the "hire someone else to do it for you" on this list? LOL :)

  2. I looooovvveee a good system! This is a great outline. I think if you remember to schedule in 30 mins a day, you can really get to a point of "maintenance" in no time. Thanks for the post!

  3. Baseboards and light fixtures once a week and windows once a month? I'm impressed! My house wouldn't know what hit it! Also, if I swept one day and mopped the next, I would have to sweep again. LOL

    1. Diane - I was doing all of the sweeping and washing on the same day and it was burning me out. So now, I sweep and vacuum Tuesday after dinner and then wash the floors on Wed. morning. :)

  4. OMG, was just about to do a similar post! Haha. I am also an ADD cleaner. I can't do one day cleaning. :)

  5. Great post. I was just thinking of you the other day. I remember moving into a new (to us) house and being excited that it was already all the way clean. I wish my house was all the way clean so I didn't feel like I was cleaning "up hill"!

  6. I love this post now if I could get the family on at the very least pick up after themselves. I say this..... as I spent the day away from the house yesterday and came home at almost 10 pm .....looking at a mountain of dishes and stuff everywhere.


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