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Book Review: Knitting in Circles by Nicky Epstein

Book Title: Knitting in Circles: 100 Circular Patterns for Sweaters, Bags, Hats, Afghans, and More
Author: Nicky Epstein
ISBN: 978-0-307-58706-0
Approximate Retail Price: $29.99 (USD)/$35.00 (CA)
Category: Crafts & Hobbies - Knitting
Availability: Hard Cover and eBook

As a fan of Nicky Epstein's book, Knitting Block by Block, I was thrilled to see that she released Knitting in Circles!  Nicky takes you on a journey to explore the techniques used in creating interesting and gorgeous circles, which can be used in a variety of ways to embellish or build sweaters, bags, hats, afghans, and the like.  Nicky explores texture, technique, color, and application in this fantastic knitting reference.  Let's take a peek at what's inside the book!

  • Notes on Texture and Gauge
  • Designing with Circles
  • Project Gallery
  • Round 1: Basic Circle Shaping
    • Spoke
    • Radiator
    • 10-Spiral Decrease
    • 10-Spiral Decrease (2 needle w/ seam)
    • 5-Spiral Decrease
    • 5-Spiral Decrease (with seam)
    • Petalwork
    • Burst
    • Halo
    • Swirl
    • Garter Stitch Circle
    • Garter Stitch Striped Circle
    • Corkscrew
    • Stockinette Stitch Circle
    • Stockinette Stitch Scallops
    • Seed Stitch Circle
    • Eyelet Points
    • Orbit
    • Pie
    • Rotate
    • Garter Spiral
    • Pinwheel
    • Sphere
  • Round 2: Texture & Techniques
    • Cathedral Window
    • Bobble Swirl
    • Periphery
    • Daisy Mae Circle
    • Domino Disk
    • Ribbed Round
    • Ringed Leaves
    • Brunhilda's Whirl
    • Entrelac Encircle
    • Cirque
    • Stellar
    • Bobble Burst
    • Bulbiform Brioche
    • Bold Reversible Cable
    • Capella
    • Tree Circle
  • Round 3: Lace & Points
    • Elegant Leaf Lace
    • 8-Point Star Lace Medallion
    • Sunburst
    • 6-Point Star Lace Medallion
    • Sawtooth Lace
    • 3-Color Point Pinwheel
    • Petal Circle
    • Cycle Point II
    • Picot-Lace Ringlet
    • Posies
    • Aureole
    • Celestial Bloom
    • Fanfare
    • Wheel Web
    • Star Bright
    • Morning Bloom
    • Lacy Swirl
    • Stella Luna
    • Illuminator
  • Round 4: Colorwork
    • Orbit (bi-color)
    • Hoops (circle ridges)
    • Rotunda
    • Dots
    • Karma
    • Yin/Yang
    • Modern Fair Isle
    • Retro Bouquet
    • Fair Isle Image
    • Fractal Fair Isle
    • Sailing
    • Spheroid
    • Stallion (textures)
    • Kismet
    • Western Hemisphere
    • Starry Night
    • Jacobean Bluebird
    • Halo Color Orb
    • Rosey
    • Queen of Hearts
    • Tick Tock Clock
  • Round 5: Eclectic
    • Link Frame
    • Camarilla
    • Small Center (5-spiral)
    • Victorian Parasol
    • Ringed Leaves with Beads
    • Coil and Leaf
    • Circus Wheel
    • Hearts Entwined
    • Two Hearts Together
    • Two Hearts in One
    • Bold Petal
    • Bold Ruffle Floral
    • Ecliptic Floral Circle
    • Rotate Spiral
    • Nautilus
    • Ruching Round
    • Round and Round
    • Quatrefoil
    • Blooming Petals
    • Petite Floral
    • Revolve
  • Project Instructions
    • Stella Luna Pullover
    • Hemisphere Shrug & Rotunda Cape
    • Crystal Lace Jacket
    • Spring Leaves Jacket
    • Esther's Pinwheel Cap & Slouchy Hat
    • Brunhilda's Whirl & Capella Coverup
    • Illuminator Fringed Vest
    • Entrelac Capelet
    • Circulate Cape
    • Daisy Mae Pullover
    • Big Blooms Capelet
    • Starstruck Tunic
    • Rambling Reversible Cable Scarf
    • Circle Sampler Afghan
    • Kaleidoscope Afghan
    • Hoopla Bag
    • Celestial Shawl
    • Eternity Dress
    • Le Cirque Baby Afghan
    • Circles into Hats
    • Autumn Leaf Beret
  • 5 Easy Pieces to Make
  • How to Shape Circles
  • Knitting Techniques
  • Joining
  • Mix-And-Match Circles
I could flip through this book for hours, imagining ways to utilize these circle motifs.  The photography of the circle motifs is fantastic! Each circle is shot straight on and close up, making the motfis easy to see.  The motifs are color-coordinated by section.  In each "Round", the photos of the circles are shown first with page numbers listed for the actual patterns.  I like this presentation best, as it's easiest to browse the book.  I think some of these circle motifs would make great doily gifts or circles that could be matted and framed (particularly the colorwork) and given as gifts.  I must admit, I was not a huge fan of most of the circular designs using the motifs.  (I did like the Eternity Dress, the Le Cirque Baby Afghan, and possibly the Spring Leaves Jacket.)  That said, I do like this book.  I like that Nicky is continuing to explore geometric shapes and motifs.  I think the ultimate use of a series of books like this would be to utilize different shapes and motifs to create stunning garments and afghans.

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