Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Vermont Sessions

Well, after months of preparation, we are finally settling in in Vermont!  It was a lot of work to get here, but so worth it!!  We're currently in a short term rental, waiting for our long term lease house to be available next month.  We aren't sure we want to buy a house because in this economy, you've got to go where the jobs are.  And although we adore Vermont and hope to retire here, we don't know if we want to be saddled with another house yet.  Our next house has a chef's kitchen and a pool!  SO, SO excited about that.  I think knitting poolside will suit me!!

Meanwhile, I want to thank all of the knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists in SE Vermont, SW New Hampshire, and Northern Mass. who've reached out to me!  I cannot wait to meet you all once the kiddos head back to school! I also want to say how much we are enjoying life in Vermont! The people here are so incredibly friendly, down-to-earth, artsy, creative, and laid back.  There's literally not been one night since moving in that we've not had company!  DH has made a few friends already and I am making fiber friends.  The kids are set to start in very good schools and will soon be making oodles of friends.  Which reminds me - Vermont is ranked #1 in the country for disability services!  And there is a small and wonderful autism school here in town that we're trying to get DS into!!  This move has been made painless because of the wonderful town and people in it.

While I've just re-picked up my knitting, I look forward to getting in some knitting time, blogging, and podcasting again once the kiddos start school.  Right now, the kids and I are enjoying exploring the area and the rest of summer break!!

'Hope you're all having a terrific summer!  We'll talk again soon!!! :)

The picture below is the view from our long term lease house's front door - the mountains and New Hampshire!  It's just absolutely gorgeous!!!



  1. Wow I think your closer to me than you were. I hope you get a little rest from all that company to adjust:)

  2. So glad and happy that everything is working out for your family. Moving can be hard on everyone. Miss your bolg! it was nice to hear from you again. Sweet dream in Vt. I live in Maine and we just love to go to Vt.

  3. Glad things are settling down for you. I don't blame you on the buying of a house. I have still yet to own a house, and job stability isn't what it used to be. My DH has been on and off working for 3+ years now.


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