Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Open Letter to America

I am a very PROUD American! I love our country. I love that people from all over the world have come here, penniless and built families and communities here. I love our spirit and the diversity of our people. But I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated with what our political system has become. I'm a very proud Democrat. I have always been and will always be, just because the largest part of my views align with that party. I do not vote along party lines. And I do not defend things within my party that I feel are wrong for the sake of the party. I have many Republican friends/family who feel the same way about their party. What I am frustrated with is this complete lack of respect. It used to be that both parties would essentially disagree (that's why there is more than one party), but would work together in the interest of the American people to COMPROMISE. In my opinion, neither party is doing that at the moment. And if you are really honest with yourself, you'll admit, no matter what party you affiliate with, that the parties aren't communicating and cooperating. Please do not comment below blaming one party over another. It's both. It really is. They bicker to be top dog on the hill at the expense (literally) of our taxpayers. This country was founded by men who did not want what England had - uncompromising leadership who pushed their views on you. They wanted everyone to live their lives as they choose - and for all to be EQUAL under the law. We have politicians on both sides legislating personal beliefs so that people have no choice. Women have no choice in states likes AZ, GA, and Kansas, where they can legally be lied to and beaten. In NYC, women will be made to feel like criminals for asking for formula for their babies. All over the country, men and women are being denied the right to marry under the law because other people don't like their lifestyle. I'm fed up. Our country has become a country of bickering extremists. Over the past month, I couldn't even agree with my GOP counterparts on certain issues without being attacked anyway. Why does everything have to be us vs. them? Why is every statement an opportunity to put down the other party? Just in the last week, I have been called a "Libtard" and brainless because my party affiliation is different from someone else's. I've been called a communist, a nazi, a socialist, and a fascist because my party affiliation disagrees with the other party. And my party calls the other names too. Is this the best we can do, America? Is our best really to throw temper tantrums and resort to name calling? Is our best to threaten to shut down gov't when we don't get our way? Or to revisit the same legislation 30+ times at a huge financial expense? Is our best verbally assaulting each other on the house and senate floors or in ad campaigns? Is our best always arguing the talking points of our party, rather than trying to understand the other party? Like I said, both parties are guilty of this and I'm fed up. Let's get back to basics. Compromise. Communication. Helping one another. Respect. Equality.  Let's remove special interest from our government altogether.  Let's work together and bring back a country united, not divided.  Let's stop all of the hate and start to appreciate each others' points of view, even if we disagree.  Let's stop the spin.  Let's be a shining example for the world over.  Let's lead by example!




  1. I agree 100%. I've said for many years now that the entire political system needs an overhaul. My parents (and other people I know) disagree with me; however, I don't think that our forefathers ever imagined that this is what it would become -- multimillion dollar fundraisers, when there are homeless right around the corner. Sad, sad, sad.

    Thanks for the post. :)

  2. I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for being so candid and honest. I believe everyone has something valuable to add to the discussion. It's too bad that we can't hear them over all the clutter. And I too find it hard to discuss anything with people who are dead-set on having the "right way of looking at things". Instead of trying to prove me wrong, try to see if there's, perhaps, something in what I said that could be reasonable.

  3. I sooooo agree with you and I am a proud democrat for many many reasons. I wish that we could work together, see each others points of view and build on them. We spend billions on campaigns while we have people starving in this country. We think it is okay for someone to buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition, but we fight the right for people who love each other to marry. The country has gone mad, and I think we have forgot how we got to be in this financial situation, it was present more then just these past couple of years, and the global economy has a huge effect, it is crazy.
    Good for you writing this post.

  4. I agree 100%. The only thing to do is to vote out the people who won't comrimise. Maybe even take some of the money out of politics.

    I would also like to point out that this current rendition of the Republican party is not the same as the one I joined in the 1970's. Also the figure head of Ronald Regan is not like them at all. If you give them copies of his speeches without his name on them they will say that some liberal Democrat wrote them.Remmember Regan raised taxes more then he lowered them.

    The whole idea of never raising taxes and lowering them to the point of not being able to meet out commiments was the brain child of an 11 year old boy. Yes an 11 year old boy came up with the I will not raise taxes under any curcumstance pledge.He has been pushing his personal agenda to the point we are harming the disabled ,poor and elderly. This is why we have mimnium ages to run for office.

    Well I can go on forever. My dh and I are so tired of its my way or the highway politics.

  5. amen, amen, amen!!!!! i'm right there with you. you said exactly what i feel needs to be said beautifully. i really feel that there are quite a few others that feel the same and perhaps soon, enough of our voices will be heard.

  6. I admit, I just do not get the American Party system....
    Here in Germany the amount of money you can give to a party is pretty limited. There are no people calling you and asking for your vote.
    And we do have more than two parties, which makes compromises a necessity (but we do have a 5% clause, so you do have to get more than 5% of all votes to get into the parliament, so no teeeny tiny parties in the parliament)

  7. I love you. I shared on FB. I have been saying this forever, but you said it much better than I could. Thank you!

  8. Very well said. I am so sad for the country my children will live in. I'm sometimes ashamed of the USA. I am particularly disgusted with the so-called Christians, who use the Bible as an exclusionary tool. Definitely not what MY God intended!

  9. So very well said!!! This seems to get worse every 4 years, doesn't it? The two parties are such big business now, they aren't in it for the voters they represent, they're preserving their "companies".

    A Miracle Worker with all the answers to our country's problems could not be elected without being a Republican or a Democrat, and once he/she received the party's endorsement, half their original promises and goals would be tossed for party lines. If this person managed to get elected on a third party ticket (why am I even saying that?), they'd never get anything passed because of partisan politics.

  10. Too true. I don't express my political views much because of just this problem. A good friend of mine proposes a new party, the "common Sense" party. Too bad it will never happen.

  11. I am very proud to say that I am a Republican. What I say to you is "BRAVO"! Well said!! I am not as eloquent as you in the word department so I will leave it at that.

  12. I am so disgusted with the political environment right now. The hatred on both sides makes me sick. I will be voting for a 3rd party for president, which one I am not sure. Neither party speaks for me.

  13. Loved this post Karrie, very well said. I completely agree with the sentiments you expressed. And it frustrates me too when I'm called names like "socialist, communist" by someone who feels that they have that right because they're with the Republican party. It almost angers me, because I sense the feeling of superiority in their tone. Anyway - yes this is becoming a sad situation. Thanks for the post!
    -Brandyce P.


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