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Book Review: Cast On Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor

Book Title: Cast On Bind Off
Author: Leslie Ann Bestor
ISBN: 978-1-60342-724-1
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Approximate Retail Price: $16.95 USD
Category: Crafts/Knitting
Techniques: 33 Cast Ons and 21 Bind Offs
Availability: Wire-Bound Paperback

Cast On Bind Off is the brain child of Leslie Ann Bestor, knitting teacher and manager at WEBS.  As is the case with many knitters, Ms. Bestor explains that she learned the Long Tail Cast On and Traditional Bind Off methods at the beginning of her knitting journey.  Satisfied with the results they provided, she used the staple CO & BO for all of her projects.  As Ms. Bestor grew as a knitter, she started to research other methods of casting on and binding off to enhance her projects, keeping notes about which COs & BOs worked for particular types of projects.  As her knowledge grew, her knitting expanded.  In this collection, Leslie Ann Bestor shares her experience with various COs & BOs with knitters everywhere.

What's Included:

Part One - Cast Ons:

  • Basic
    • Backward Loop
    • Double-Twist Loop
    • Long-Tail
    • Long-Tail, Thumb Version
    • Knitted
    • Purled
    • Cable
    • Chained
    • Old Norwegian
  • Stretchy
    • Alternating Long-Tail
    • Alternating Cable
    • Double Start
    • Channel Island
    • Slip Knot
    • Tillybuddy's Very Stretchy
  • Decorative
    • Lace
    • Picot
  • Circular
    • Circular
    • Invisible Circular
  • Double-Sided
    • Judy's Magic
    • Turkish
    • Figure 8
  • Multicolor
    • Two-Color Braided
    • Tricolor Braided
    • Twined
  • Provisional
    • Provisional
    • Provisional Crochet 1
    • Provisional Crochet 2
  • Tubular
    • Tubular
    • Provisional Tubular
    • Yarnover Tubular
    • Italian Tubular
  • Mobius
    • Mobius

Cast On, Bind Off

Part Two: Bind Offs
  • Basic
    • Traditional
    • Slip-Stitch Crochet
    • Single Crochet
    • Gathered
    • Sloped
    • Three-Needle
  • Stretchy
    • Yarnover
    • Suspended
    • Lace
    • Elastic
    • Icelandic
    • Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy
  • Decorative
    • Two-Row
    • I-Cord
    • Picot 1
    • Picot 2
  • Sewn
    • Kitchener
    • Sewn
    • Invisible Ribbed
    • Tubular
    • Interlock

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this book!  It is definitely a resource book that I will use over and over again!  For each CO or BO, Ms. Bestor explains why that particular technique would be used, the characteristics of that technique, what types of projects the technique is good for, and if any extra materials (such as a tapestry needle) will be required to perform the technique.  Each CO or BO is explained step-by-step along side colorful and clear photos of the technique.  She also includes a little section for each technique called, "Getting It Right", which provides a few tips or tricks for using the technique. The full color photos of exactly what each technique will yield offer an easy way to browse the book.  This is a very concise, yet well articulated resource on COs & BOs.  Note: newbie knitters may have a difficult time with some of these techniques as the instructions might not be as thorough as a newbie would need to understand the techniques.

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  1. Great Review, It sounds like this is a great book for any knitters arsenal. It shall be put on the short list:)

  2. Love the review...looks like a thorough look at CO and BO


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