Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep learning..

Alrighty - y'all know I've been taking the Craftsy Tunisian Crochet Class with instructor, Jennifer Hansen. Well, I completed 2 plain Tunisian Spa cloths and (1) 3-color Tunisian Spa Cloth. Now I'm starting the Tunisian Multi-Garment. This is a challenging project for me given my slow progress with crochet in general. Thankfully, despite (me) having many brainless moments, Jennifer Hansen has been very patient and quick to answer my questions. I dare say she may be sick of hearing from me. ;p

In her garment, she is using a gorgeous silk. Here I'm using Berroco Vintage DK in Mochi, Cracked Pepper, Cast Iron, and Sour Cherry colorways and an extended Tunisian Crochet Hook, US Size K. I just finished Row 7 and started the forward pass of Row 8. I need to rip the FP of Row 8 back because I'm off 1 stitch.  But so far, this project is very enjoyable. I'm learning SO, SO much!  If ever you wanted to learn Tunisian Crochet - TAKE THIS CLASS!  (I'm not a paid spokesperson for Craftsy, FYI.)

I hope to get a few more rows done today. I can see how this project will be addictive. Already I want to move on to the next row to see how it's shaping up. You can't tell much from my picture, but once blocked, the fabric won't be dense. Silk really shows off the drappiness, but I didn't want to shell out the cash for 7 skeins of fine silk until I knew if I'd like Tunisian Crochet and could do it or not. If this project turns out well, I'll likely make another in silk.

Hook on - and just keep learning!



  1. Wow! I just looked at the pattern and it's GORGEOUS!!! Can see why you'd want to make it. Well done on learning Tunisian - it's very versatile. Learning something new is such a tonic. lol x

    1. It IS gorgeous! I can't wait to finish & get mine all blocked out! I hope it turns out half as beautiful as Jennifer's!

  2. What an amazing pattern. I think you will do just great with it.

  3. It looks really lovely. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. I'm taking that class too! So far i love it! Jennifer is an excellent teacher :) I even bought the same hooks with extensions that she mentions in her videos and they work really well :)

    I already knew how to do normal crochet so it wasn't as hard for me to learn and i'm really enjoying learning Tunisian style.

  5. I'm taking this class also. I love your colors. Enjoy!


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