Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2nd Time's the Charm

Here's my 2nd Tunisian Spa Cloth. It's turned out perfectly No boo-boos this time! Only problem? I can't really block it to do it justice since I grabbed a predominately acrylic yarn outta my stash. So this means my edges aren't as clean and straight as I'd have liked them to block out. :(  Boo!  BUT, I practiced and controlled my tension and that's really all that matters. ;)



  1. Nice work!!! Now I Need to look into learning tunisian crochet.

  2. That looks great! I've always wanted to learn tunisian crochet. What happens if you make a mistake? How would you fix it? That is what I don't understand in tunisian crochet.

    1. It's just like crochet - so if you make a mistake you just rip back a loop or several, depending on where your mistake is.

  3. Very pretty! Impressive for your second try at something new.

  4. That looks pretty good for a second attempt. I keep meaning to have a bash at tunisian crochet. I guess I will one day.


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