Saturday, March 24, 2012

Announcement: Podcast Hiatus

Hey there, fiber friends!  As you can tell, I've not been podcasting lately.  Initially, it was because my family was racked with illness for 4 weeks, but now that the family is well, I find myself in the middle of several professional projects (knitting related) and have had no real time to devote to a proper podcasting schedule.  While I was feeling guilty and sad about not putting out a podcast, I realized that in order to do so, something else would have to give.  And right now, I'm working on some professional projects as well as some personal projects.  And when the family is home, my first priority is to them.  After weighing my options, I decided that podcasting will need to be put on the back burner.  I'm not saying that I'm podfading and will not podcast again.  But I AM saying that I have SO much to juggle right now and podcasting just can't be one of them for the next couple of months.

For those companies that I am performing reviews for, I will be posting blog reviews with proper promotion as always!  I will revisit podcasting in a couple of months when I don't have so many projects that need my attention.  Of course, I will definitely tell y'all what's happening. :)

Thanks for your support and look for some amazing reviews this week on the blog!

Knit on!


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  1. Hug!

    Family comes first! Hope life slows down a little for you :)


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