Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Alrighty.  So today I decided to pull out the drop spindle Katie sent me.  I also watched,  Respect the Spindle: The Video.  I pre-drafted some merino (my pre-drafting needs quite a bit of work too) and set out to make beautiful yarn.  What I actually made can only be described as wayward skinny roving.  It's HIDEOUS!  AND.. I am having such a hard time joining new roving in.  The roving in the background is just there so you can see what it looks like.  I've since split it in half lengthwise and pre-drafted.  I just don't know.  I'm going to keep practicing, but something tells me that my finished fiber will not resemble yarn for quite some time yet.  ;p

Meanwhile, at the advice of another spindle spinner, I ordered a Golding Spindle (Their beginner kit).  I think I'll sign up for a drop spindle class so that if I'm doing something horribly wrong, my spinning teacher can detect it and try to correct it.  If you drop spindle, I'd love to hear any advice on tools, fiber, and/or books and videos! :)

Spin on!



  1. Have to tried the park and draft method? Have a good leader and spin the spindle, then park the spindle between your knees so you can then draft abit. The twist will then run up the newly drafted fibre. You'll get a "eureka moment" soon. Good luck

  2. I much prefer my spinning wheel but I am trying to master a drop spindle. When you join new fibre try overlaping with the existing yarn by two or three inches then there's more chance it will take before it breaks!

  3. I am still trying to master spinning on a spindle. Good luck! :)

  4. Good LUck, spimning is so fun, I watched tons of youtube vids and joined a couple spinning boards on Rav, great advice....another big tip I got...keep splitting the roving as thin as you need to go I was'nt at first and ended up with what you have lol :) and practice, practice practice!

  5. Don't let the lumpy bumpiness of your new yarn get you down. I love thick and thin novelty yarns. As you become better your spinning will be more consistant and thinner, you will be begging for the days you could spin a cool yarn like this(i know i never thought it would happen to me either, but it did) I really have to try hard to make this type of yarn now. I know you feel as if you have to learn to spin perfect yarn. Enjoy the process and your drafting will get better as you keep spinning. It will click i promise.


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