Thursday, November 10, 2011

Practice Makes.. More Yarn

Thankful Handspun

Undoubtedly you've heard the phrase, "Practice makes perfect."  Well in my case, after only spinning 3 teeny skeins of yarn, it's more like Practice Make More Yarn.  Here's my latest handspun: 31 yds of a bulky wt, 100% merino single in a pumpkin spice colorway (the lighting in my craft room wasn't the greatest).  It was spun from 2 oz. of Merino that Katie of DomestiKated Darling gifted me.  My spinning isn't seeing vast improvements yet, but I'm getting used to pre-drafting, the park and draft method, and winding it off.  

Handspun Beauties

Here is a pic of all 3 of my handspun singles.  Although the colors are hard to see in this pic, they are perfect candy corn colors!  I've only soaked the gold yarn.  So today, the pumpkin and natural colors will each get a bath.  When they dry, I'll have about 90 yds of handspun to work with.  I think perhaps I'll knit up a rustic candy corn cowl for the fall season.  Then I'll have a project that is functional and represents my amateur attempts at handspun (drop spindle) yarns.  I'm not going to bother to ply these.  They are so bulky - super bulky, that I'll just knit them as singles.

Spin on!



  1. Don't be discouraged it willcome I promise and then you will yearn for the days you could make yarn like this without thinking. I know I didn't believe it either when more experienced spinners told me that. I found it to be very true when I wanted to make a bulky yarn a year later and couldn't without "disarming bomb-like " concentration.

  2. I love your yarn! I hope you start to see "improvements" soon, though. I think it looks lovely and squishable and knitable :)

  3. Fantastic results! Love the sound of making a cowl from it, look forward to seeing the final piece.


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