Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving It Another WHORL..

So I tossed the last attempt of mangled roving and tried again this evening.  Although it is still pretty uneven and my joins aren't terrific, my 2nd attempt at spinning Merino into a single went much better.  I can see why Abby Franquemont suggests practicing 30 minutes a day.  

I'm spinning this Merino on a top-whorl spindle that Katie of Domestikated Darling made and sent me.  I ordered a Golding 1.9 oz. Ring Spindle (Top Whorl), which is what Golding suggests for beginning spinners.  I also signed up for a 2 hr "Intro to Spindle Spinning" class at Natural Stitches at the end of the month.  I figured a seasoned spinner will be able to help me with my technique and my drafting.

Spin on!



  1. Keep going it's awesome once you get it :-)

  2. That looks really really great for the second attempt. It will be uneven for a long, long time. But that is definitely usable yarn. The trick is to fall in love with the rustic look for a little while.

  3. Very nice! I'm thinking of asking for a drop spindle round christmas time, but am actually afraid I won't fit yet another fiber hobby in my life. not to mention a whole other stash...

  4. That looks pretty even to me! A drop spindle is so portable compared to a wheel, I do think it's worth getting to grips with. Which reminds me I need to practice a bit more myself.


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