Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Episode 18: Video Podcasting Trial

What's on (or off) the Needles
What's on (or off) the Hook
Other Stuff
Stash Enhancement
Question of the Week:
  • Spinners: Do you have any advice on learning to spin, spindles, and/or spinning wheels?



  1. I love it! Video podcasts are great because you get to see everything. :)
    I love that bag and am super impressed with it as well. (my own sewing talent is zilch)
    I'm so glad you mentioned the shawl- i was admiring it from the start.
    Also, your daughter is so cute poking her little head in.
    I vote more podcasts- and don't worry, you look great!

  2. Well that was fun :D I loved getting to actually see all the stuff you're working on. And I loved seeing your pug, what a doll! I too vote more video podcasts and that you have nothing to worry about. You're cute and don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise!

  3. nice bag, i can sew I pretty much choose to not sew(i'd rather knit lol). I just finished a pr of csm socks in the lion brand sock yarn in sourball(love the colors)


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