Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cooing Coopworth

As you know, I've caught the spinning bug! And as I explained on yesterday's podcast, I'd received my "Learn to Spin" kit from Golding Fiber Tools. So today after I finished my household chores, I pulled out my brand new Golding 1.9 oz, top-whorl, ring spindle and the 2 oz. of Coopworth wool I had and popped in my Respect the Spindle: The Video. In almost no time I'd spun all of the fiber!!

So here's my final product: a bulky wt single (thick & thin yarn), approx. 34 yds.  I may get super crazy and dye it!

Okay - I just HAVE to tell you that my Golding spindle spins like a dream!  It's so balanced and wonderful! I think I'll be collecting Goldings in several weights!

Even though this is only my 2nd skein of handspun, drop spinning is starting to feel less foreign and more comfortable.  It's still art yarn.  There are definite thick & thin areas, but I'm hooked!  Spinning is relaxing and fun!  I can't wait to become a more proficient spinner.  I guess that means I'll need to buy more fiber and practice some more!  Oh, darn.  ;)



  1. That looks great! You are making quick progress, by the looks of things!

  2. your spinning is getting better and better.

  3. You are learning fast! It took me ages to spin yarn like that.


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