Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sewing is My Bag, Baby

Okay, it's not really my bag.. but I hope someday it will be.  I spent this morning learning how to wind my bobbin and thread my machine.  Then for the first time since I got the machine over 6 months ago, I used it!  

I sewed this really simple lined bag out of the $0.99 Fat Quarters I got yesterday from Jo-Anns.  I used a terrific, newbie-friendly pattern from BunnyBum.

This bag turned out to be wider than it is tall - which is great for my shawl project.  Of course, that was unintended as I'd never done this before.  ;p  I finished it off with some cute polka dot ribbon.

It is by NO means a professional job. I couldn't find my pins.  I sewed the lines as straight as I could, but I definitely need more practice in that area.  I got to use my pinking shears to trim the excess fabric, though!  That was fun!  I also used my brand new cordless sewing iron for the first time.  I need more patience when ironing!  ;p  I think it looks even better reversed with the sewn down edge on the outside!  I'm making notes so that I remember that next time I sew a bag!

So although it's just a very simple drawstring bag, it's a huge achievement for me.  Having no one to teach me how to sew, I was terrified to try.  And even though my seams may not be exactly perfect and my ironing needs a little work, I made something useful that I am proud of!

What have you given yourself permission to try today?



  1. Congratulations! Very cute. I just took a sewing class and had a similar first project. It was my first completed project since I got my machine 5 years ago!

  2. I think it looks fantastic, good for you!!!!

  3. Congrats on your sewing project! You can call yourself a 'sewer'!

  4. Super cute! I should get some going too. I'll need a lot for all my unfinished projects! :)


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