Thursday, October 6, 2011

OT: The End of an Era

I was very saddened to hear that Steve Jobs passed away yesterday after years of battling health problems.  As a woman in her mid-late 30's, I grew up during the computer revolution.  When our principal announced to our parents at open house that we would have a computer lab and that each classroom would get a brand new Apple II, my parents were stunned and amazed at how technologically advanced our school was.  From 3rd grade on, the way we learned changed.  The schools I went to predominately carried Apple computers.  We started by playing simple math games in 3rd and 4th grades on the computers, to learning word processing in junior high school.  By the time I was in high school, every student wanted a home computer and about half of the people I knew had one.  When I went to college, the internet blew up and the Mac craze really exploded.  By the time I hit 30, i-Pod was all the rage followed by i-Phone, and i-Pad in my mid-30's.

You see, my generation, Gen-X, cycled through the era of personal technologies.  Computers went from being business machines to becoming educational tools, to becoming just as prevalent in every home as a toaster.  For those of you a generation or so behind, you've grown up with these tools, so perhaps you don't understand our attachment to the early 80's and the Jobs Era.

Steve Jobs, a brilliant visionary who defined an entire generation of Mac-heads and Mac-addicts, continued to move forward, to push the boundaries of creativity and technology.  We are greatly indebted to this man who had the courage and conviction to change the world as we know it.

You will be sorely missed, Mr. Jobs.  But your spirit of creativity and passion for technology will forever live on in the generations you've touched.  Even though most of us did not know you personally, you are a part of our daily lives and embedded in our daily routines.

Rest in peace and God Bless.


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