Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday? Already?

The weekend just flew past!  I must admit, I didn't do much of anything this weekend.  Hubster & I relaxed and just enjoyed time together.  I did write up a review for a yarn and a book.  But other than that, I really didn't do much work.

This week will be busy.  Since the kidlets are off of school today, there is no getting any work done.  So I'm going to try to engage them in household chores with mom.  Okay, stop laughing!

This week I need to record my podcast, finish my Socktoberfest Very Scary Socks, read a couple more chapters on the Goodreads Ravelry Knitters Group October selection book.  CO my Walnut Grove Shawl & write my review of At Knit's End yarn, sew a box bag (or at least try to sew one- my sewing skills are.. um... well, they aren't good.), write another book review, and try out a yarn.

So what are all of you working on this week?



  1. I think I will be working on my socktoberfest sock design, writing up the patterns for the 3 scarfs and handbag I knitted up last week, finishing my 2nd post on Pygora goats, canning potatos, and trying to get a decent sock off my 1914 sock machine.

  2. I am working on a sleeveless sweater. My day job takes s lot of my time, so I mostly knit on weekends. No kidlets ( they're grown and gone) and no hubby, so I can knit all weekend.

  3. Dh is back to work, so I'm by myself with the wee ones... Starting new knitting projects, since I finished my current sock project, get some work done on my skirt and maybe cut out something else to sew....


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