Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Episode 16: Locked and Loaded

What's on (or off) the Needles
What's on (or off) the Hook
Other Stuff
Question of the Week:
  • Do you have a crafting routine?
Quick Shout Out:



  1. Thanks for the bag tutorial. I plan on making several. Take the dustcover off that machine and just go for it!
    As far as my craft routine...I have none. I quilt and knit when I can. Some days I can craft for hours, other days for only 15 minutes. "15 minutes is better than nothing", I tell myself...:]

  2. You have a great podcast and your blog and shownotes are great. I love how easy things are to find. I Just listened to your story re:your hard time, your son etc. I feel for you and it made me teary eyed. You are so positive so you go girl!. I have gone thru alot of hard times myself and knitting has helped me stay sane.
    Thanks, for all you do.
    Can you tell me what is virtual knit night?
    Sally shbauer on Rav

  3. Sally - Virtual Knit Night is when knitters get together online via chat or video chat. A lot of ppl are hosting them on Google+ and on Ravelry in the groups. :)


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