Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review: Huggable Crochet by Christine Lucas

Book Title: Huggable Crochet - Cute and Cuddly Animals From Around the World
Author: Christine Lucas
ISBN: 978-1-4402-1423-3
Publisher: Krause Publications/ F+W Media
Approx. Retail Price: $22.99 USD / $25.99 CAN
Craft: Crochet (Toys)
Patterns: 19 Patterns plus 1 bonus pattern online
Availability: Paperback

Huggable Crochet is a fantastic new crocheted toys book by Christine Lucas. Christine presents a book of charming, adorable and quite substantial cute creatures.  Stuffed and measuring from 12 - 18 inches (30-46cm), these cuddly cuties make perfect gifts for children.  Christine has made sure to keep these toys free of wires, buttons, or other choking hazards so that children of all sizes can enjoy them.  A believer in fun and relaxing projects, Christine has used simple stitches, which are explained step-by-step.  To add interest, each animal appears in two different color palettes: one more realistic and one more whimsical.

This book is appropriate for any level crocheter.  However, as a newbie crocheter, I was thrilled to see that each pattern leaves nothing to chance.  She has the Yarn, Hooks and Notions, Gauge, and Finished Size well spelled out in a box at the beginning of each pattern.  The patterns are written out completely with drawings of embellished areas shown in front and side views.  Also, some patterns include a small stitch diagram.  The photographs are shot in close range and are very clear.  There is no question about what each creature should look like.  Christine also includes terrific drawings of how to construct the creatures who are not crocheted in one piece.  Even a newb like myself will be able to clearly decipher the patterns.


Chapter 1 - The Pranksters: Forest Critters

  • Sly the Snake
  • Stash the Squirrel
  • Bandit the Raccoon
  • Tiger Lily the Snail
Chapter 2 - The Covert Operatives: Farm Friends
  • Dottie the Cow
  • Trixie the Sheep
  • Otis the Pig
  • Nelly the Horse
Chapter 3 - The Entertainers: Ocean Dwellers
  • Waddlesworth the Penguin
  • Inky the Octopus
  • Skipper the Dolphin
Chapter 4 - The Protectors: Safari Animals
  • Byron the Lion
  • Seymour the Giraffe
  • Hannah the Hippo
  • Ellie the Elephant
Chapter 5 - The Scientists: Exotic Creatures
  • Flora the Macaw
  • Kaya the Kangaroo
  • Spyro the Panda
  • Jaxson the Koala
Bonus Online Pattern: Shelldon the Sea Turtle

If you enjoy crocheting amigurumi or crocheting stuffed animals for the children in your life, this book is a must-have.  It's well-written, clearly photographed, and leaves no part of the creation of these cuties to chance.

Disclosure: F+W Media sent KnitPurlGurl (1) copy of Huggable Crochet by Christine Lucas FREE for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for the preceding post.  All opinions in the above review are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of F+W Media or Christine Lucas.  Individual results may vary.



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE crocheting huggable characters for people :)

  2. awwww this book really looks great! my crochet skills aren't up to par, but maybe one day....


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