Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn Review: Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash

Yarn: Martha Stewart Crafts with Lion Brand Yarn Glitter Eyelash Yarn
Fiber Content: 78% Polyester/22%Metallic Polyester
Weight: 5 - Bulk, Chunky, Craft, Rug Yarn
Gauge: Knit: 16 st x 20 rows = 4 in on US Size 10.5 Needles (6.5mm); Crochet: 12 sc x 14 rows = 4 in on Size K-10.5 Hook (6.5mm)
Skein: 39 yds (35m), 0.88 oz (25g)
Colorways: Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Brownstone, Peridot, Orange Topaz, Purple Sapphire, Sterling, Onyx, Aquamarine Crystal, Florentine Gold, Yellow Gold, Tourmaline
Approx. Retail Price: $5.49/skein (USD)
Care: Hand wash, lay flat for drying

Having flashbacks of the fun fur and eyelash yarn of the 90's?  Well don't.  Lion Brand Yarn and Martha Stewart Crafts have teamed up to create a soft, fun, well constructed eyelash yarn, suitable for various craft projects.  Intended to be used to embellish knit and crocheted items or to create cute craft projects, Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash Yarn is just the right amount of sparkle to make a project pop.  I know, I know.. you are all in utter amazement that KPG is actually endorsing this yarn.  Afterall, I've been an outspoken advocate of an eyelash yarn-free existence.  However, when LBY sent me this yarn, I knew I owed it to them, my readers, and Martha to give it a whirl.  And I did!

I am not a frilly person.  So embellishing cuffs of mittens or ends of sweaters with a glitter eyelash yarn isn't my style.  BUT - I love me some crafting!  Fortunately, LBY had sent me the Peridot color and a sheet with 12 inch samples of all of the other colorways.  So I modified a pattern by Sara Norine James, Christmas Tree Yarn Cone Cozy, so that I only knit it, in the round, until I got the size I wanted, and then bound off in the round, leaving the center open.  I used the 12 inch bits of the other colors to sew on bits of color here and there on the tree, create a "star" on the top, and then add "garland."  I then popped a crumpled up ad inside and popped it on a plastic, upside-down punch cup - so that it looks like it's on an elegant tree stand.  I am going to take some felt and add a few embroidered embellishments to add as a tree skirt.  It worked up in about 15 minutes TOTAL!  Voila!  Instant cuteness!

As for the yarn, it wasn't scratchy or plastic-y to the touch like most eyelash yarns I've tried.  It was extremely soft with a well-constructed braided core.  Typically with other eyelash yarns, I've had a lot of shedding while working with the yarn.  While I did have a loose piece or two, I really didn't experience shedding with this eyelash yarn.  I found this eyelash yarn to be of high quality and I didn't have to worry about there being places in my project that were holey or see-through.  The yarn fills in beautifully.
ONE NOTE: If you are a beginner knitter or crocheter, using any eyelash yarn will be difficult for you, as it's hard to see the stitches.

There you have it.  I really do like this yarn for crafting projects.  Like I said, I'm not one to use eyelash for garments or even garment embellishments, but if one wanted to use it as an embellishment, it would fill in nicely with minimal shedding.

I think I'll knit the same shape as the tree, only using Brownstone, Orange Topaz, & Florentine Gold to create a candy corn treat bag topper to give to my DD's teacher for their fall party.  Oh, and DD wants me to knit her a boa, so I'm sure I'll be stocking up on the Tourmaline colorway.

Disclosure: Lion Brand Yarn sent KnitPurlGurl (1) skein of Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash Yarn FREE for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for the preceding blog post.  All opinions in the blog post are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Lion Brand Yarn.



  1. I've had eyelash yarn in my hands to purchase, but always put it back because I couldn't bring myself to knit with it. I do like you little Christmas tree, though!

  2. That little Christmas tree is too cute.

    I actually like eyelash yarn because they make super cute little scarves that my little cousins love. I don't do anything fancy just knit in the garter stitch so it's a real easy and quick project. I'll have to check out this new yarn. :)

  3. Thanks for giving your readers a review of one of Martha's new yarns.....can you also give us a link/directions for the cute tree you made with this eyelash yarn.


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