Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yarn Review: Lion Brand Yarn Silky Twist Yarn

Yarn: Lion Brandy Yarn Silky Twist Yarn (Boucle)
Fiber Content: 99% Acrylic/1% Polyester
Weight: 6 - Super Bulky
Gauge: Knit: 9 st x 15 rows on US Size 11 (8mm) Needles = 4 inches; Crochet: 7 sc x 9 rows on Size P-15 (10mm) Hook = 4 inches
Skein: 130yds (119m)/5oz. (140g)
Colorways: Linen, Oatmeal, Java, Tangerine, Cherry Red, Purple Haze (shown here), Paradise Pink, Cactus, Olive, Teal, Ocean, Ash Mist, Hyacinth, Amethyst
Approx. Retail Price: $7.69/skein (USD)
Care: Machine Washable & Dryable

Boucle yarns & I have a sordid past.  Our love affair began quickly, firey hot the moment I laid my inexperienced knitting hands on it in the craft store.  The beautiful locks and gorgeous colors made my heart skip a beat and I knew I had to have it.  So of course, being a newbie knitter and a passionate one at that, I purchased about 20 skeins in various colorways.   No one was going to stand in the way of my love for boucle.  They'd all warned me,  They'd all told me that boucle could be difficult, moody, the bad boy of yarns.  But I wouldn't listen.  I was young and dumb.  Then, almost as fast as my love ignited for boucle, it burned out.  After a mere short time knitting with it, my hands became chaffed and I couldn't see my stitches. I knew then that boucle and I were not destined to be, that we would go our separate ways.  I thought someday, I would run into boucle again.  Maybe boucle would find itself in the arms of another knitter.  Maybe they'd have made an afghan and even a couple of pillows together.  But our love was surely never meant to be.

Fast forward 5 years.  Lion Brand Yarn sent me their NEW boucle yarn, Silky Twist.  I was hesitant, at best, to give it a try.  Afterall, I knew boucle & I didn't click.  I've left a trail of novelty yarns behind me, all ending in disappointment.  But I knew I had to really work with this yarn to know how I felt about it now.  So I decided to think a bit about what ways boucle and I could  mesh.  And I got it!  I needed a small, quick project with a super simple stitch.  Boucle yarns need to be the star of the show.  Using anything besides a garter stitch or single crochet is pointless and oftentimes frustrating.  Then I looked at the properties of the boucle.  The Silky Twist is not like other boucles I've used.  It actually did feel very silky soft in my hands.  It's a true boucle, so it's 3-stranded for better stability and fewer pulls.  It actually felt nice!  The color saturation was gorgeous.  I decided that my Droid Bionic needed a little cover.  Since I got the extended battery, no cases fit it.  It has Gorilla Glass and is insured, so I wasn't worried about dropping it - but more worried about it sitting around beside me on the couch while I worked.  The pugs also sit with me and they SHED.  I knew the boucle would catch any dog hair BEFORE it would get to my phone.  And being machine washable and dryable, I could pop this puppy right in the machine when it got dirty.

So I decided to crochet up a simple, sc sleeve.  At first, it was a tad difficult for me to see the stitches.  Then, once I got going, I was fine.  I think that as a more experienced yarn crafter, boucle works up best for those who can feel their way around and this yarn is no exception.  It has virtually no st definition.  But the yarn felt great in my hands and worked up quickly.  Being a bulky weight, it's nice & padded for my phone.  And a small project like a cell phone cozy was the perfect amount of color pop for me.

Although I wouldn't recommend making large garments from this yarn, I do believe it is a terrific yarn for scarves, cowls, pillows, or afghans using a simple stitch.  This yarn should be worked with a loose hand and smooth needle or hook.  Beginners and/or those new to boucle yarns should be patient and create a simple rectangular project to begin with.

So there you have it.  Boucle and I can finally be friends after all of these years.  Silky Twist is an interesting yarn, with solid construction, varying sized bumps for a more art yarn feel, and easy to care for.

Disclosure: Lion Brand Yarn sent KnitPurlGurl (1) skein of Silky Twist Yarn FREE for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for the preceding blog post.  All opinions expressed in the above post are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Lion Brand Yarn. Individual results may vary.



  1. You summed up very well the way I feel about boucle yarn, too. That might make a cute pillow, say, maybe for a 'tween daughter's room.

  2. Thanks so much for all of your fantastic yarn reviews, Karrie! As a yarncrafter myself, I know how valuable it is to get real feedback from other knitters and crocheters about yarn. Your detailed comments answer all of the questions I usually have about new yarns. Thanks for being so helpful to the entire yarn community!
    - Jess
    Lion Brand Yarn


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