Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mini-Skein Madness

Mini Skeins - Copper Desert

Have I mentioned that I am knitting hexipuffs?  LOL!  Okay - stop throwing things at the computer screen!!  I know I've written a few several posts about it..  Well TODAY when I got home, a package of mini skeins from The Knitting Goddess was waiting for me in the mail box!!!  SQUEE!!!!  They are so stinkin' cute!  They feel amazing and the color saturation is fabulous!  I cannot wait to knit hexipuffs with these puppies!  (But alas I must wait - my head is pounding today and I think I'm going to curl up with hubster and the furbabies and call it an early night tonight.)

  Mini Skeins - Delicious
The Knitting Goddess has a mini skeins club, but I missed the opportunity to get in on it.  I think she's opening another mini skeins club soon.  Until then, I have these little cuties to keep me company!
Knit on!



  1. what are minipuffs? sounds fun!

  2. How fabulous!! Great colors. :o)

  3. Wowwie wow wow what a wonderful gift to get, hoping your feeling better soon!!


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