Friday, September 9, 2011

In Other News..

Pictured: My Sunshine Shawlette - a shawl pattern and yarn from Lion Brand Yarn
Phone Pictured: My l'il Droid Eris - this is an older pic

Here are a couple of random Friday things for your reading pleasure:
  • Check out my guest post for Lion Brand Yarn, Fall into Shawls!!
  • I'm the last stop on the YarnCraft Blog tour!  Be sure to come and check out my blog for a special interview with Zontee of YarnCraft on September 12th!!!  YarnCraft and Lion Brand Yarn are going to give away 3 balls of Superwash Merino Cashmere to one of my podcast listeners or blog readers (winner gets to choose which color they'd like!) - so be sure to come back on Sept. 12th for giveaway details!!!
  • I've been reviewing the new yarns from the Martha Stewart Crafts with Lion Brand Yarn line!!  Keep checking back as I post reviews and project suggestions every week!!
  • I finally upgraded my phone!  I had HTC's flagship Droid phone, Droid Eris.  It's truly been the little Droid that could - running Gingerbread and doing things it was not likely meant to do.  But after 2 yrs, I'm thrilled to upgrade to the Motorola Droid Bionic - which is LIGHTNING fast on 4G, lemme tell ya! Looking forward to all of the knitting related apps I can download! (TECH TIP: Google is acquiring Motorola Mobility.  If you're a fan of Android OS, keep that in mind!)
  • Behind on my hexipuff knitting since I've been performing yarn reviews and knitting and crocheting for the reviews.  'Hope to get some hexipuffing in this weekend!
  • Need to start Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger this wkend so I can catch up with the Ravelry Knitters Goodreads group.  YIKES!
Have a great weekend, all!  Please honor those who perished in the tragedies that occurred on 9/11/01, this weekend.  Stay safe and knit on! :)



  1. Your Sunshine Shawlette is sweet! The pattern on Lion Brand, however does not look as lacy as yours. What kind of yarn and needles did you use, please?

  2. Maureen - I used US 9 needles and used the yarns suggested from LBY and did not modify the pattern. Mine may look lacier because 1.)I'm wearing it on a white t-shirt and 2.)I really blocked the heck outta it. ;p

  3. I found your blog on a LionBrand post on facebook. Since I love shawls I decided to check out your post on Shawls. But then I saw that you mentioned hexipuffs. I'm thinking to myself, "What on earth is a hexipuff?" So I go to raverly and type in hexipuff and guess what..I've only knitted one thus far but I can tell this is going to be very addicting. lol

  4. I had Faved this shawl in Ravelry, but it looks a hole lot more ineresting in your picture. I am definitely moving it up on my list (unless something else comes along to distract me, of course)


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