Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodies from DomestiKated Darling!!!!


OMG!!!  I mentioned on Plurk that I didn't know how to spin, and Katie of DomestiKated Darling sent me a msg and offered to send me some goodies to get me started!  She's so sweet!!!  I told her I'd LOVE it if she sent me some goodies.  And she did!!!!!!

Katie sent me (2) 2 oz. bags of Merino roving in Gold and Spece (it's really an orange color - my camera altered the color), a drop spindle that she made herself, a lavender sachet,  and SOAK wash samples!  (Katie says the Merino and SOAK are from her LYS, A Good Yarn, located in Prescott, AZ.)

I was feeling so sick and so down last week.  This week has been better.  But when I got the package from Katie, it immediately brightened my day!!!!  What a sweet-potato!

Help me thank Katie for her generous gift by visiting her at the following places:

I feel so blessed to be a part of such a giving and caring community.  Thanks SO, SO, SO much, Katie!!!


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  1. Ironically, I had the same experience :) I posted in my group on Rav that I was looking to learn and couple post me startup links? And someone PMed me for my address -- she has way too much fiber, and she wants to spread the love. Spinners are so sweet!


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