Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Knit & Crochet


So this weekend, I actually finished crocheting the Crochet Baktus. (MODS: I used dc(s) instead of sc(s) to crochet this baktus.  I also left off the pom-poms and flower embellisments.)  I crocheted it in Creatively Dyed Yarn Calypso fingering weight yarn in Tea Leaf Colorway.  (I still need to soak & block -which I'll do tomorrow.)

Then I took the leftover yarn and made my FIRST Hexipuff!!!  Because I don't like DPNs, I used Magic Loop.  And because I haven't knit socks in FOR-EV-ER (because I suffer from the dreaded 2nd Sock Syndrome and would rather not add to my collection of 1st socks of sock pairs), I CO with Judy's Magic CO, but I must have knit the first round inside out because I got a purl ridge.  -Which now I'm thinking I may not frog because it may jive with the BO edge more (still won't match perfectly).  I'm not sure.  At any rate, hexipuffing is SO EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!  They work up so darned fast.  I bet I have enough left over yarn from the baktus to make 4 or more!

But here's another dilemma: To Stuff or Not to Stuff; That is the question.  While I love the look of the little stuffed hexipuffs, I'm wondering if the quilt (Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits) will be easier to care for without stuffing.  If I want to stuff, I need to schlep my cookies to the craft store and pick up some fiber fill.  I'm leaning toward a light stuffing.. 

Decisions, decisions..  What do y'all think?



  1. Welcome to the hexipuff madness :) When it comes to stuffing, think about how cold your winters get and if anyone will use it to actually snuggle under. I'm stuffing mine because winters in Holland are unforgiving.
    Have you seen the crochet hexis as well that some people are doing? (sorry, adding to your addiction with this I'm sure)
    Have fun

  2. Helen - Crocheted hexis?! Oh, you ARE feeding my addiction! Wouldn't it be fun to have a quilt made of both crochet and knit hexipuffs (if one could get the sizes to match)? The texture changes would be so interesting!

  3. Oh yes, there are two patterns that people are using:
    If you have seen the KAL in the TinyOwlKnits group, both are mentioned and there are photos floating around of both types. I personally prefer the last one :)
    Having a quilt made from both would be awesome to see. I'm going to be embroidering stuff on some of mine as I don't crochet

  4. Helen - I love the last one too!! OH - I *MUST* whip one of these puppies up!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. You're welcome, I look forward to seeing how your hexis go :)

  6. My sister is NOT stuffing hers. She is using all superwash wools and wants it to be washable (a must with two boys)

  7. Very nice! The only problem I see with the crochet hexi is that single crochets take FOREVER! I do like the hexi grannies!

  8. I think either light stuffing or no stuffing. I'm imaging spilling something on it and getting all in those puffy little pockets!

  9. I vote for no stuffing. Either way, I know it will be beautiful! :)

  10. Great job! I would likely go for stuffed, because, really, and hand-crocheted item takes a bit of extra care to clean, so why not go the full route! (NOW, however, I have a great idea for all of my yarn leftovers!)

  11. I'm with you on the question about caring for the quilt. The stuffing issue is a concern. How long would it take to dry.

  12. Do you have to make any changes to the pattern when knitting with Magic Loop instead of DPNs? I've never tried ML but I'm not a huge fan of DPNs. I'm still relatively new to knitting, however, and I'm not sure that I'm skilled enough to intuitively make changes to a pattern.


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