Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picked Back Up: Featherweight Cardigan


Okay, this cardigan is very relaxing to knit.  It's been in hibernation for a good, long while though.  By the time I took it out of hibernation, the pattern had been updated numerous times, making the sizes smaller.  And I can see why.  I tried the cardi on while working on this right sleeve and it's HUGE.  And I even got gauge!  I decided to look at others' cardis from about the time I bought the pattern and several remark that the cardigan is large.  Also, I used a merino which seems to be growing as I knit - I think the pure stress of holding the cardigan the way I am holding it in order to knit the sleeves, is stretching it a bit.  Now I'm a bigger gal - I wear a size XL - but this sweater is probably an XXL in size.  (I like to think of myself as fluffy.)  So, while I am unwilling to frog the project, I know it won't fit as intended.  And that's okay.  The pure experience of knitting my first sweater is terrific.  Also, I think it'll be a very oversized, comfy cardi to curl up in while reading this winter.  So, it's not like it's not functional.  AND, I think I paid an entire $40 for the yarn (and I'll have quite a bit left over), so that's another reason not to frog.  If I had used Mad Tosh or Wollmeise or even Malabrigo, I would have probably repurposed the yarn for something else.  But since it's KnitPicks Stroll (a very inexpensive, though pretty yarn), I'm less inclined to frog.

Chalk this one up to: You live and learn.  :)  I'll finish the sleeves (which seem to be the largest fitting part of the garment on me), and then pick up the collar stitches.  I actually really like the casual look of the rolled collar, so I'll probably knit it in stockinette stitch as indicated in the pattern.  I know some people matched the collar to the sleeves and bottom rib so that the collar didn't roll for them.  But I love the loose, open cardigans with the relaxed, rolling collar right now - and since the whole sweater will look VERY RELAXED (maybe I can shrink it a bit w/o shrinking it too much), I think it will fit the cardi well.



  1. Pretty yarn! Looks wider than it is long, or is that just an optical illusion from the angle of the photo?

  2. It's meant to be a cardi than comes to the waist - not very long. But it IS very wide. I think it has stretched quite a bit. Once I wash it in wool wash, it should gather it's shape a little more. But it IS pretty darned wide.

  3. lovely sweater..Wish i could knit a sweater, but its beyond me..Wish there was a step by step video to watch..

  4. This will be beautiful, regardless of size. :-) I have a few knits like that, too, where the pattern was wonky to start with, but the result was still too cool to frog.


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