Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back To School Goodies for Knitting Organization


With school supply shopping coming to a close, major office supply retailers are marking down the price of the supplies to move out the rest of the product.  So take advantage.  By the end of the holiday (LaborDay), you'll see some great prices on plastic zipper pouches, binders, page protectors, and composition notebooks.  So stock up! 

 I use the plastic zipper pouches for pencils to contain notions and circular needles and put them into 3-ring binders.  A couple of years ago, I got them on clearance at Staples after school had started for a mere 5 cents a pouch.  I bought them all!  Then I bought plain 3-ring binders and popped 'em in for instant organization.

Page protectors are terrific for pattern patterns or for when you print a pattern and want to take it with you.  Grab some dry-erase markers for marking up the page protectors!

Composition notebooks are great for keeping knitting journals.  Keep swatches and notes about your knitting in a composition notebook and date the notebook by month, quarter, or year and keep as a resource.



  1. I just might use some of your excellent suggestions here. Well done!

  2. Ohmygosh, what a great idea about the page protectors and dry-erase markers! Love!

  3. I've used these plastic pouches for years, putting them in 3" binders. My circs don't stay tightly wound in them as they do in "normal" circ needle cases, making them hard to work with until they relax.

    The other good thing is that the binders can be stored right on the bookshelf with your knitting books so you always know where they are.


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