Thursday, July 14, 2011

Knitting Tip - Garter Stitch

I love the look of this Noro Silk Garden.  This yarn has thick and thin yarn areas with bits of string, and wooly areas peeping out.  The colorway is vibrant and interesting - perfect for garter stitch knitting.

Garter stitch is a nice, relaxing stitch to use when you want some mindless knitting.  Right now, I'm actually designing a shawl that utilizes garter stitch for the bulk of it.  I love using garter stitch with art yarns or interesting texture or colorway yarns.  It really allows the yarn to be the star of the show.

Here's what I found though - with my shawl, worked from the center neck top to the bottom, I have to increase every other row.  And as much as I love me some mindless garter st, I found that I wasn't paying attention to the increase rows because I knit mindless knitting when the kiddos are around purposely so that I don't have to pay attention. (Paying attention to knitting while dealing with kids engaging in extreme sibling fighting is a no-go)  I'd find myself lost in the mindlessness of it all and have to go back and look at where the increases would appear and see if I was on an inc row or not based on the yo(s).  That's when it hit me - why am I not marking this side of my knitting so I don't have to think at all when knitting it?  After all, that's the beauty of knitting garter st, right?

So if you have a garter st pattern, nab a nifty little locking ring st marker (or two) and pop it anywhere on the inc (or dec) side of your knitting.  So when the side with the marker is facing you, you know it's your inc (or dec) row!  I'm sure I did not come up with this and other knitters use it all of the time - but I wanted to pass it along to any newbies out there who read my blog.  :)

Happy knitting!



  1. Those locking stitch markers are probably my favorite knitting tool, but I never thought to use them to mark RS or WS on mindless projects... Often it's the seemingly simple things that elude us, huh? ;)

  2. I love this idea! I am still a newbie and need all the tips I can get. Thanks!!


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