Thursday, July 7, 2011

dellaQ Review!

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Recently, dellaQ sent me three amazing bags to review!  (Pictured above)  So I thought I'd share my review with you all, by bag.

  • Very LARGE (18"L x 6"W x 11"H) and roomy, messenger bag with reinforced nylon handle on top and wide, comfortable, nylon shoulder strap covered in a soft, fabric where the strap meets the shoulder.
  • Contains 1 large exterior, zippered pocket - suitable for carrying magazines or patterns.
  • When the top of the messenger bag is open,  there is 1 zippered, medium sized pocket and an unzippered pocket of the same size behind it, just on the outside.  The pockets are made of a soft, fabric and are suitable for carrying folded patterns, a small paperback sized book, needles and notions, or an eReader.
  • Inside the bag, you'll find a 3-pocket sewn in panel, made of the same soft fabric.  These pockets are nice and deep - terrific for ensuring things don't dump out of them.  The 2 smaller pockets on either end would be great for carrying keys, a cellphone, needles or hooks, or other small items.  The center, medium-sized pocket would be suitable for carrying folded paper patterns or an eReader.
  • The interior of the bag is fully lined and reinforced at every seam, making the bag sturdy and actually USEABLE!
  • I found that in one trip, I was able to carry a needle case, a project bag, a couple of knitting books, my wallet, my cellphone, and my Nook comfortably in the bag.
  • The bag has a flap closure complete with 2 plastic clip closures at the bottom.  What I like about this is that at no time are the closures coming into contact with your projects.  No yarn snags!
  • Brilliant front flap colors which contrast with the black fabric sides, back, and bottom
  • Extremely durable construction.
  • This bag costs approx. $70 (USD) and comes in 7 colors.

The Que THEO Secure Circular Needle Case:

  • Made of a very soft and luxurious looking and feeling Poly-Silk fabric 
  • Closed Measurements: 8 1/2"H x 8 1/2"W
  • Contains 12 numbered pockets for circular needle sizes 3 US/3.25mm, 4 US/3.5mm, 5 US/3.75mm, 6 US/4mm, 7 US/4.5mm, 8 US/5mm, 9 US/5.5mm, 10 US/6mm, 10.5 US/7mm, 11 US/8mm, 13 US/ 9mm, 15 US/10 mm
  • Contains a small zippered pocket in the back, suitable for notions
  • I was able to carry approx. 2 sets of circular needles in each pocket.  You may be able to get more in each pocket depending on your circular length.  I always carry 32" - 44" circs.
  • Folds up securely. No losing needles or threat of them falling around in your bag.  Especially great for taking needles that are unmarked - just put them in the correct size pocket with secure flap and take with you.  You'll always have the needle size you need, organized and ready at your finger tips.
  • Nice and compact.  Fits nicely in medium and larger knitting bags.
  • Material will not scratch your expensive needles.  And when sitting next to your knitting project in your knitting bag, the material will not snag your yarn or allow your needles to poke through or split the yarn in your bag!
  • Costs approx. $44 (USD) and comes in 5 beautiful gem tone colors.
  • Cotton drawstring project bag
  • Nice small-md sized bag at 11"W x 12"H
  • Cute ribbon drawstring detail
  • Small, snagless interior pocket
  • I was able to fit a shawl project in it and pop it into my knitting bag!
  • Other Edict Bags are the same construction and material but come in other sayings on the bag: Hat Project, Sock Project, Random Project, Scarf Project, & Paws Off My Knitting
  • Edict bags are inexpensive, cute project bags of lightweight cotton and cost approx. $10 (USD)
  • Edict bags will be available 9/2011

All in all, I have no complaints about these bags.  All three were well constructed, fashionable, and durable.  I schlepped the messenger bag to the library and all over town and gave it a good workout.  Not only did it perform, but kept my items secure and harm-free.

I have to tell you that I was hesitant to review the needle case as I use a binder to store my circs.  But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked the needle case.  Although I have such a large volume of circular needles and would not be able to use The Que for home needle storage, it was PERFECT for taking extra needles in varying sizes with me on the go.  The needles were well organized and I didn't need to take everything out of my knitting bag to find the needle size I wanted.

The Edict Bag is just darling and I can definitely see myself loading up on these to keep my projects in.  When not in use, they take almost no space at all to store.  And when in use, they are easily popped in a knitting bag.

dellaQ Bags are handmade in Vietnam.  A portion of each purchase trains low-income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting.

If you'd like to get into touch with dellaQ or browse their other terrific products, please visit:
dellaQ sent KnitPurlGurl the bags listed above FREE for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for the above blog post.  All opinions expressed in the above post are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of dellaQ.


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  1. Awesome. I have not personally used any of the DellaQ bags, but all the ladies in my knitting circle raves about them. I love the duffel bag and the circ case


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