Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Review: NEW Signature Needle Arts US Size 9 Circular Needles!

Product: Signature Needle Arts US Size 9 Circular Knitting Needles
Price: $40/pair
Craft: Knitting

Alrighty, knitsters - you already know that I LURVE me some Signature Needles!  And this is not the first time I've reviewed them. Infact, when I reviewed them (the smaller sizes) the first time, I got so many hits on my blog post, that it is still one of my most popular blog posts ever.

I used the new Siggies to knit up this Spring Seeds Neckwarmer in worsted weight wool.  And let me just say, it was such a pleasure to work with these needles.  (And not just because I was thrilled that the purple needles matched my lilac project!)  I was concerned that a stiletto tip would either be much more blunt than on the smaller sizes or that it would be too pointy with a heavier wt yarn, which is why one would use a US size 9, that it may end up catching the plies in the yarn.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the stiletto tip was just the right proportion for the needle size.  I had no issues with knitting the stitches or knitting lace stitches, which often require one to finagle the stitches on and off the needles.

Again, the extremely smooth needle tips provide flawless transfer of knitted stitches between the needles.  I really have never used any other brand with such effortless glide before.  The cable part of the circulars was firm enough not to cause hand and wrist fatigue when trying to hold a good amount of stitches of  heavier wt yarn on the cable, but pliable enough to create a flexible set of needles.  As always, Signature Circs have a join that is snag proof as well as twist proof: the cable sits inside of the needle and gently rotates freely to allow for a twist-free experience.  These needles feel substantial when knitting with them, but not heavy.  The nice needle  tip length is a comfortable fit in your hand.

True to Signature Needle Arts, these needles are completely customizable.  You can order them in the 5.5" or 6.5" needle tip length, stiletto or middy profiles, and in 24", 32", 40", or 47" lengths (tip to tip).

I absolutely adored working with these needles!  I am so glad that I got a chance to review the newer, larger sizes (I also recently purchased a pair of the US 8 and had the same experience.).  I'm also glad that I had the opportunity to put these needles to the test with a worsted wt yarn, a lace pattern, and a discount craft store yarn, making sure that these luxury needles are worth the luxury price tag.  And they really are.  Once you give Signature Needles Circulars a try, you'll not want to knit with anything else - trust me!  Infact, I think I'm going to put myself on a monthly needle plan to build my collection!!

Pick up a pair of Signature Needle Arts Circular Needles, straight needles, or DPNs via their online store!

You can also connect with Signature Needle Arts via: (Tell 'em KnitPurlGurl sent ya!)

Disclosure: Signature Needle Arts provided KnitPurlGurl with a pair of US Size 9 Circular Needles FREE for review.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed in the above post reflect those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Signature Needle Arts.



  1. It is somewhat surprizing that the type of needle really matters. I have needles I hardly ever use because they are not comfortable to knit with. Other needles make knitting what it is supposed to be - lovely! If you like, please take a look at my homepage. I have had a Beginners Guide to Knitting in Swedish for quite some time now, and it has finally been translated to English =).

  2. A friend told me about Signature needles and was somewhat taken aback regarding the price but I ordered a basic size 7, stiletto, 32" cable and started knitting as soon as I received them. They are everything that they were made out to much so that I now have the 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and just ordered the 9's this morning!! Knitting is fast, flawless and a true joy to work with! All I have to say is JUST BUY THEM!!!!!!!

  3. I was also hesitant to try the needles because of the price, now I can't imaging buying any needles but them! I'm hooked on the stiletto tips and love the feel of the needles. I have one of each, double points, straight, and circular, (even love the cable - very flexible) can't imagine buying anything else!

  4. When I got my Signature Needle Arts 40 inch circs, I was thrilled! Unfortunately, halfway through my first project, the cable snapped at the base of the needle. It didn't come loose, it actually broke. I checked the warranty info, and they only guarantee the needles from defects for 21 days from purchase. If you subtract a week for shipping, that's only 2 weeks! For such an expensive needle ($40), I would expect a much better warranty. Addi, KnitPicks, ChiaGoo, HiyaHiya, and Knitter's pride give life time warrantes and the most expensive of these is half the price of Signature Needle Arts needles. For a company to only offer a 3 week warranty on their product tells me they don't have a lot of confidence in the quality.

    I have emailed the company to see if they will replace the needle even it is out of warranty or if I am just out of luck.

  5. I emailed Signature Needle Arts about my broken cable last night and got a prompt reply this morning. They appologized for the inconvenience and sent me a return mailing label, The circ will be replaced at no charge. I am very pleased by their support because their needles are a dream to knit with and hope to use them for many years to come.


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