Monday, June 6, 2011

OTN: Celandine

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So while I'm waiting for the first clue to be released in the Summer Mystery Shawl 2011 (KAL) from Goddess Knits, I've decided to CO a quick shawlette, Celandine Shawl by Susan Hanlon.  (Well, hopefully quick) I'm knitting it up in Creativity Dyed Yarn's 100% Superwash Merino Sock yarn.  (No colorway was listed on this skein, which I bought quite awhile ago.)

This shawl pattern has 1 beginner section, 11 increase repeats, 4 straight repeats, 11 decrease repeats, and an end section.  -which reminds me of the way my Saroyan was knit.  The lace edging is knit right along with the rest of the shawl, making it seamless.  Pictured here is the beginning section plus 2 increase repeats.  It worked up really quickly, so I have high hopes that in between product reviews this week, I'll be able to get the bulk of it done.  I think this will look gorgeous blocked!!

Techniques used in this shawl: YO, YO2 (double YO), k2tog, ssk, LLI (Left-leaning increase - also known as M1L [make 1 left] ), RLD (Right Leaning Decrease), and CDD (Centered Double Decrease).  This pattern  has written instructions as well as charts - perfect for whichever method you prefer.

This pattern is not a free pattern and will set up back about $5 USD, but is well worth it. :)



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