Saturday, June 11, 2011

On The Blocking Mats: Forest Canopy Shawl


I finally finished knitting and blocking my Forest Canopy Shawl.  This shawl was so emotional for me to finish.  And there's a story that goes with it.  My grammie's birthday was in September and her birth stone was Sapphire.  She LOVED sapphire jewelry and had a nice collection.  When I came across this Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver Yarn in Majestic Colorway, I thought of her immediately.  So I bought the yarn and LOTS of it, not knowing what I'd do with it.  Then I saw the Forest Canopy Shawl and thought it would be a perfect little shawl for her and cast it on.

As I was knitting it (only knitting it at knit group, once a week), my gram became ill with cancer.  I ended up putting down the shawl and crocheting her a beret as she was going through chemo.  Unfortunately, my gram died before I could finish the shawl.  So I put it away.  I couldn't bear to pick it up.  It sat in my sewing desk for 1 1/2 yrs.  Yesterday, I picked it back up and realized that I only had the border left on it. So I finished it today and blocked it.  And then I sobbed.  I cried and cried when it was done.  I had finally finished the shawl that I had wanted to gift to my grammie.  -The shawl I had shown her while in progress and she'd loved!  It hurt so much to have completed it knowing I couldn't give it to her.  But I think it was also cathartic and good that I finished it.

I will wear this shawl in honor of my grandma and think of her everytime I wear it.  I know she would've worn it with such style and class (something I can't pull off) and that she would've LOVED it.  So I will wear this shawl and remember her smiling face as I showed it to her.  I'll remember her loving, giving spirit and the amazing years I got to spend with her.



  1. How very sad and such a sweet tribute and memory! What a wonderful connection to share with her when you wear it. It's beautiful!

  2. First, that is a beautiful shawl... Second.. its even more beautiful because of the story it holds.

    I have to say it brought back memories for me. My husbands gramma... who loved me so much and she was like one of my own as well got sick with cancer in 2008. When the chemo stopped working and was doing more harm than good she went into a nursing home with hospice. I would sit with her while she slept and crochet this baby blanket. No one I knew was pregnant with a girl... but I wanted to make it anyway. She passed away in April 2009. I didn't pick up that blanket for more than a year... and I still have a hard time working on it. My little sister is due with her first girl... my first niece next month and I couldn't bring myself to give her that blanket. It will remain with me forever. Thank you for sharing. I had to wipe some tears!

    P.S. thanks for the tip on the blocking mats. I received mine via fedex yesterday!

  3. I loved knitting that shawl. It was one of my very first lace knits. Your story touched my heart and I had to comment. Your Grandma is smiling on you where ever she may be.

  4. When you wear it, consider it a hug from Gram. She would be happy that you finished it and that every stitch is a reminder of her love for you.

  5. What a lovely but sad story. Your shawl is beautiful. I"m sure your Grammie would have loved it.


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