Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Blocking Mats: Mystery Medallion Shawl


YAY!  Mystery Medallion Shawl is officially a FO!  (finished object)  I didn't do the best blocking job, but I did block the neckline a tad differently this time.  I usually do not wear my shawls the traditional way, which is to wear the bulk of the shawl over the shoulders and down the back.  I typically turn them around and wear the shawl around my neck and down my chest.  SO I decided to mirror the soft points I pinned on the bottom by creating soft points on the neckline.  I don't know if I'll like it or not.  I think having the shawl backward, the points will look pretty.  If not, I can always just re-soak and re-block.  Not a biggie.

I really liked this shawl.  The only thing I would change, would be to have stockinette stitch hearts instead of the garter stitch hearts as written in the pattern.  I think the ss hearts would blend more with the shawl.  Otherwise, loved it! :)  I can't wait for it to finish drying!!



  1. Funny. I just frogged because I knit the hearts in stockinette to begin. Looking at your finished shawl I was thinking how glad I am that I went ahead and did the frogging because I love how the hearts look in garter stitch.

    Just beautiful! Can't wait to finish mine!

  2. beautiful shawl... where did you get your blocking boards?

  3. Meredith - I like the contrast now that I see it pinned and blocking.. but someone in the KAL did SS hearts and they looked so purdy!!

  4. Sarah - I got them from KnitPicks: http://www.knitpicks.com/accessories/Blocking_Mats__D80597.html

  5. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! These look like the perfect option for me... compact and affordable!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, it is just lovely.

  7. Very pretty! Have you ever used blocking rods or blocking wire for your knitted lacy items? I have not, since I have yet to finish my first lace knit shawl, but the idea of using them sounds appealing to me. I've seen them at lacis.com ... I love those mats you have...great idea!


  8. Just stunning!
    And thanks for the info on the blocking boards - what a great idea!


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