Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mystery 220 May KAL Has Begun! *Spoiler Pics*


I've finished the 1st Clue of the Mystery 220 May KAL.  So far, the pattern is calling for A LOT of YOs and dropped stitches.  Although it's creating a very light and airy garment (which I'm nearly positive is a shawl), I'm sincerely hoping that the entire pattern isn't the same basic pattern repeat.  This clue only had 38 rows in it and though it was simple, I was getting ready to put it down by the time the 30th row came.  So I hope it gets a tad more interesting.  I'm all for simple projects, but when I participate in a KAL, I want to be surprised!  I don't want to knit the same pattern repeat the whole way through. (If you recognize the pattern, please don't tell me what it is.  It would be simple enough for me to figure out what it is, but I prefer to watch it develop.  It's more exciting that way!)

Anywho.. The yarn I am knitting this in is Creatively Dyed Calypso in Tea Colorway. It's a Superwash Merino, so it feels pretty good to knit with and actually kept my interest during Clue #1.  It's a highly contrasting, variegated yarn and looks cute in this open pattern.  Plus, the pattern only takes 210-220 yds of yarn, and since this skein has 510 yds, I'll have plenty to knit something else small with it.


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  1. I just tried the KAL and mine doesn't look anything like yours *lol* I should probably post on the ravelry group and ask for help. It looks OK, but not nearly as nice as yours! I'm wondering if I'm doing the stitches wrong somehow. I've never been good with yarn overs.

    Tho now that I look, I realize I picked up my 7s instead of 8s. Wonder if that would be enough to make it look that different? Hrm.. Oh well. We'll see what else happens with the next ;)


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