Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Miscellany

So I've taken a little R & R since the craziness that was my March Madness Giveaways!  I just want to thank all of the amazing sponsors and all of my readers for participating!  It was a lot of fun and I am already getting emails from the winners to tell me that they've received and love their prizes.  (If you haven't received your prize yet, be patient - it may take up to 4 wks to receive.  If you've not received it within 30 days, PLEASE, PLEASE email me to let me know so that I can contact the sponsor and make sure that your prize ships!)

So what I have done in the last week?  NOT MUCH!  ;p  The weather was decent here, so I have been virtually incommunicado (social media wise) this week.  I've been running errands and completing daily tasks around the house.

I did manage to knit a teeny bit on my Featherweight Cardigan.  I am about 1" from completing the body of the cardigan.  Then I have the bottom rib, the sleeves, and the collar to do.  I joke that it is the never ending cardigan since it's a stockinette stitch pattern, knit in fingering weight yarn.  So I pull it out when I'm looking for some mindless knitting.  Needless to say, that means that it's been OTN since August.  ;p

I got 2 pair of Signature Circular Needles in the mail!!! SQUEE!!!  I got US 7 and US 8 in 5", stiletto tips!  I'm so thrilled!  I can't wait to finish my Featherweight Cardi so I can cast on Adrift with my new Claudia Handpainted Linen Lace yarn and Siggie Needles.  Woot!

I bought some pillow cases from TJ Maxx and some cotton to crochet edgings on them.  However, I was SO anxious to start the project, that I bought yarn right away from Michaels.  That's right, I bought worsted wt cotton.  I'm not liking the way the worsted wt is looking in the beginning blanket stitch - MUCH too bulky.  So, I need to get some nice sport wt cotton - a pretty mercerized cotton would look perfect with these pillow cases.  The pillow cases are actually part of a Mother's Day Gift theme I'm putting together for my mom.  So far, I've collected pillow cases to match her bedroom decor, lavender linen spray, a bed tray, an eye pillow, and I'll probably throw in a book (my mom LOVES to read) in there - making it the perfect "Curl Up in Bed" themed present!

Of course I had MAJOR STITCHES envy this past week!  I have yet to make it to a STITCHES event.  :(  Can you believe it?  It's really difficult for me to just pick up and stay out of town with my hubby working long hours and my kidlets needing constant supervision.  But one of these years, I WILL make it to one of the STITCHES events!!

Oooo - I listened to the Getting Loopy Blog Talk Radio Show this week during the 3rd Annual Flamie Awards!  Congrats to all of the crocheters taking home the coveted Flamie!!  Among the award recipients were Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude), Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (Shibaguyz Designz), Kristin Omdahl, and Robyn Chachula.

I watched The Knit Girllls Podcast this week and just had to look up a Dutch Heel.  I am so used to knitting a slip stitch heel or knitting an Eye of Partridge heel.  I wanted to know more about what a Dutch Heel was.  Meanwhile, Google has opened my sock knitting world to all kinds of different heel constructions!

So this week, I want to hear from my awesome readers - what heel construction do you use?  Do you have a favorite tutorial, website, or video depicting it?  Have you made a tutorial of your own?  Leave me a comment!  If you've made your own sock heel tutorial, let me know and I'll feature it here on my blog!!

Until next time, knit & crochet on!



  1. I have never knit or crocheted socks, so no help from me. I am however loving the Knitting Superstar e-book! Who knows maybe I will actually knit a pair (something I never thought I would do!)

  2. I try all different heels ....I found one that starts on the sole of the foot, it fits my hubs the best.

  3. I prefer toe-up socks, and the Fleegle Heel is my favorite heel technique. I have larger-sized shoes to wear with my hand-knit socks, so I'm not generally concerned about wear on the heels (slip-stitch and eye-of-partridge are more durable than Fleegle or short-row).

    Great to hear you've made progress on your Featherweight. A friends who made it a couple years ago zipped through it but then got stalled in picking up stitches for the collar.


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