Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Miscellany April 29

This week has truly been a crazy week!  First off, I want to send out my thoughts to those affected by this week's rounds of horrific spring storms and tornadoes.  Although we had several warnings here in PA, we were spared bad weather.  My heart goes out to everyone touched by these violent storms.

Okay, so tell the truth.  Did you stay up all night or wake up early to watch the Royal Wedding?  While I didn't stay up late, I got up a bit early, missing the first half of the wedding.  :(  But I think I saw the best part - the two smooches on the balcony at Buckingham Palace!  Oh, so romantic.  It's easy to tell that these two are in love.  I'm such a sap when it comes to these things.  I am enamored with the pageantry, the ceremony, and the tradition of it all.  Most of all, it's terrific to see two people in love come together in marriage.  I wish them health, happiness, and a long life together!  Related: I was able to review the enchanting "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding" by Fiona Goble earlier this month.

This week, I worked a teeny bit on my Featherweight Cardigan.  Infact, I was working on it outside and I used my phone to look at the pattern and noticed that because I started the pattern in August, 2010, I had been knitting on the old pattern.  The newly revised pattern sizes are vastly different.  Needless to say, based on the old pattern, I was knitting an XL and based on the revised pattern, I'm knitting like a XXL or an XXXL.  ARGH!  I really only have the sleeves & collar left to pick up, so I am definitely NOT frogging this project.  And since I started using the old pattern, I will finish using it for continuity's sake.  Me thinks it will be a very large, but comfy house cardi.  See what happens when you procrastinate?  ;p
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Speaking of my phone, I came out with a new Android-based app which is FREE for download in the Android market and gives my readers the ability to get all of my blog updates and Tweets on-the-go!  So cool!  For some reason, I thought this app was going to be for Android and iOS, but see now (thanks to my readers) that it is only for Android.  I need to contact Notice Software and see if I can get an iOS app out there too.  (They only deal with iOS and Android, so sorry Blackberry and Windows 7 phone users.)  More to come on that later..

I picked up some books on my weekly library trip with the peanut!  I recently discovered the Literate Housewife's blog (and LURVE it!) and decided to follow her chronological reading list for Philippa Gregory novels (and a couple of novels by other authors that fill in the gaps of her novels).  Needless to say, I checked out The White Queen by Philippa Gregory yesterday and am smitten!  I've read half of the book already!  If you like historical fiction about British Monarchy (especially the Tudor Era), you'll love this reading list.  I've decided it will be a terrific summer reading list for me!  If you don't like historical fiction, visit the Literate Housewife Blog for her reviews on a myriad of different books - her blog is fabulous!

Call it spring fever.  Call it ADD.  But I have just joined two more Ravelry KAL groups!  YAY!  I'm gearing up for 2 May KALs.  I joined the Mystery 220 Group,  which does a mystery KAL each month, using 220 yds or less!  (Which is perfect for my short attention span.)  And I joined the Knitting Like Crazy group for their May Mystery Shawl KAL, which is a 400 yd KAL and offers prizes!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!  Have a great weekend!  Knit and Crochet on!!


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  1. I've often been tempted to join KaLs...but never have for one reason or another. I used to join in KALs for socks, but haven't in quite awhile.

    I had to work yesterday, but had been hopinig to see the Royal Wedding firsthand, and not just in repeats. I did get to see a little of it while getting ready, but the bulk of it I watched in the evening. I was actually kind of glad I did watch it that way, because I saw parts on different programs (saw the whole thing on one of the news channels) and got different commentaries, etc. I found out what Harry said to William at the altar when Harry turned around to look at Kate, while William stared foreward...things like that. I enjoyed watching it though.


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