Monday, April 25, 2011

Tech Check!

Alrighty, fiberistas - I have decided it's time for another tech check of some of my fave geeky finds.  And also, because I flubbed up royally knitting on my cardigan (at midnight, of course) and need to tink back a few rows and would rather blog.. ;p  Caution, I have an Android Phone, so much of this post is Android related.

Okay, first off let's talk about clouds!  No, not those puffy white things in the sky, but rather cloud drives.  Recently, I've been using Cloud Drives to back up a lot of my files.  Windows Live Essentials actually offers 5 Gig cloud drives for it's users.  But the drive I'm getting the most use of right now is the ZumoDrive.  The Zumo Drive allows you to store files, video, and audio to it and is accessible via your computer, online from any computer, or via app from your phone.  And why do I like it so much?  Well.. first off, everyone who signs up gets 2 gigs free.  And if your friends join up, you get 256 MB additional FREE for each friend that signs up (up to 5 G FREE total).  If for some reason, you'd need more space than that to back up files, you CAN purchase more gigs.  But here's the REAL reason I love it so much.  Wherever I go, all of my knitting and crochet patterns are on my cloud drive and accessible via my Android Phone.  So, I don't need to take patterns with me.  And the drive allows you to organize media as you would on your hard drive.  So, of course all of my patterns are organized into a thousand sub categories and available at the click of an app.

Are you a reader-on-the-go?  I am!  So there are 2 apps I really quite like.  The first is Crochet News.  Crochet News keeps an up-to-date list of all articles related to crochet in the app.  The listing is refreshed everytime the app is relaunched.  So now you can get a handle hook on your crochet news!  The second is of course, Knitting News - same concept, same developer.

You know I'm addicted to knitting and crochet podcasts.  Since I haven't been able to get to knitting group (wanted so badly to go this past Saturday, but was busy prepping for Easter), I live for these podcasts!!  Of course, if you have an iPhone, you have access to TONS of knitting and crochet podcasts!  If you have an Android (like me), the options are more limited.  If you have Android, here are some podcast apps: The Knitmore Girls,  Cast On, Stick and Strings, and Yarn Thing.

Okay - this is for everyone with a computer.  New to podcasts or want to discover new podcasts?  The Knitting Podcast Blog keeps a nice list of knitting podcasts and video podcasts as well as highlighting new podcasts!  Crafty Podcast Lists are available from WordCast (includes a list for just about every craft!).

That's all for now, fiber gal pals!  Go get techy and knit and crochet on!



  1. I also have crochet news and knitting news. I found a few others you may be interested in: knitting cards,and crochet cards, great for keeping track of projects on the go can even upload a pdf file of the pattern. Knitting stash is another I really like it has multiple row counters, you can inventory your needles(kinda like ravelry) and write projects. I find I use this one for writing patterns. And little knitter which is charting program for the android.

  2. Have you made yourself this yet:


  3. Brandi - I LURVE Knitters Friend and Knit Counter!

    Mindy - I haven't.. YET!! Thanks for the link!

  4. You're welcome--he's such a cute little thing! ;-) You'll love making him.


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