Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the Hook: Adult Mary Jane Skimmers


Okay by now all of my readers know of my addiction to crocheting slippers.  I LOVE ME some crocheted slippers.  (UGH, my foot is at a weird angle and looks all poofy for some reason.) Well, this little gem of a pattern was sitting in my documents folder and I decided to give it a whirl.  This is the Adult Mary Jane Skimmers pattern by Sylvia Schuchardt.  It is a really fun pattern that even a newbie to crochet (like me) can pull off.  And those of you who are crochetistas can knock off a pair of these in no time flat!  What is really great about this pattern is that these are really sturdy slippers.  The soles are crocheted by holding two strands of worsted wt together and crocheting (2) left soles, 1 in each of two colors and (2) right soles, 1 in each of two colors.  Then you take 1 of each color & sandwich them together, right sides out then sew 'em together using sl stitches.  The soles are super sturdy and terrific - like shoes!  I think I miscounted stitches when I slip stitched my chain/strap on the the opposite side.  It looks like it's 1 st over from where it should be.  I'm not sure how I missed that.  But the slipper is done and it's for me, so I'll let it go (THIS TIME).


Look how thick these soles end up being! - Pretty awesome!!


This pattern calls for 2 different colors of a worsted wt yarn.  I wasn't sure how much yardage I would need.  So I started out with Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in Honeydew and Orchid colorways.  But once I finished both soles and was ready to start crocheting the body of the slipper on, I realized that I didn't have much yarn left of either color and wasn't sure that I would get 2 slippers out of what I had left.  So instead of chancing it and then ripping out when I didn't have enough, I decided to crochet the foot part of the slippers with a 3rd color, Lemonade.


All that's left to finish the first slipper of the pair is to rock some puffy paint on the soles so that they are slip-proof.  I've found this Tulip Puffy Paint to be the most economical, plus it comes it a myriad of colors!

Off to finish the foot part of slipper number 2!  Hook on!



  1. looks comfy and crafty!
    you are my go-to gurl for slippers, for sure:)


  2. These are really cute! I've made a few slippers but always found the sole just so thin and wear out in no time. This is really neat!

  3. These are really nice. I love the soles...thick. I bet a Dr. Scholl's liner could be inserted for the arch...or even, get soles. I have to add these to my queue, for me and for gifts.

  4. Those are adorable! Must get pattern.... :D

  5. Those look super comfy! I think I must make a pair!


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