Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf


I've been talking a lot about March being National Crochet Month.  But did you know that March is also National Craft Month?  I decided to upcycle some of my cotton tees that shrunk when hubby someone put them in the dryer on HELL setting.  I've made t-shirt scarves before in Olive and in Coral (as per the tutorial from Shwin & Shwin).  This time I just cut my strips and bound them together in one spot with a knot (as per the tutorial from Method).


For a little Anthropologie-inspired embellishment, I applied a broach, which I think nicely contrasts with the shabby look of the scarf.

Tips & Ideas: 
  • If you stretch each strip separately they will curl up more and the seams won't show as much than if you stretch them altogether.
  • Also, this was a woman's L tee that shrunk to about a woman's M.  It made for a shorter scarf.  If you want something that wraps and is loose, go to a thrift shop and buy up some used XXL tees.  -Then you'll get a nice long, wrapable scarf!
  • For added interest, you could cut strips from different sized T-Shirts (1/3 from a children's tee, 1/3 from a woman's M tee, and 1/3 from a men's L tee).  Then you'd get a tiered effect.  
  • Michael's and several other craft retailers sell plain cotton tees for embroidery very inexpensively.  So if you decided to do the tiered scarf idea, they would have all of the sizes in the same color.
  • Attach a broach, mix in a (metal) chain, or attach silk or homemade flowers for added interest.

Don't throw your t-shirts away!  Cut them up and upcycle them!!!



  1. much much better than a "necklush" :) DIY!

  2. What a great idea!!!! Thanks so much.


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