Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quickie Way to Highlight Crochet


As many of you know, I don't like to take the time to knit or crochet things unless I or the person I will be making them for will be using the item I took the time to create.  So I make lots of practical and quick items.  And as my buds can certainly attest to, I wear my finished objects all of the time!


This month is National Crochet Month!  If you can ch (chain) and sc (single crochet), then you can definitely whip up this little cutie!  It's UBER quick; UBER fast; UBER cute; and you can use up all of your yarn scraps because it takes almost no yarn at all!  This is the Simple Crochet Headband from CreativeYarn. It's a FREE pattern.  I used worsted wt yarn and a US size J crochet hook to create this cutie. (She also gives a free pattern for a cute little flower embellishment that can be easily attached to this headband!)  For my DD (who is 6), I just cut all of the instructions (ch number and sc numbers) in half. I also put right sides together and sewed the ends together so she can just slip it on. (If you find your headband is too short, sew a teeny piece of elastic between the two ends for a little extra length and to make it nice and stretchy.)  DD LOVES it.  I have so much scrap yarn, I plan on making a slew of these in nearly every color for her.

I think for some I'll make the large flower embellishment.  For others, maybe I'll crochet mini-flowers and attach them in numerous places over the three strands.  Also, crocheted mini hearts, shamrocks (for upcoming St. Patty's day), and funky circles of different sizes and colors attached in various places on the three strands would be great embellishments!

So dig out your crochet hook and highlight National Crochet Month with this quick l'il cutie patootie!


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  1. What a great idea, your DD looks lovely.
    Have a wonderful day,


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