Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Hook: Textured Ballet Slippers


'Got the itch to crochet some more slippers.  I started crocheting Oma House Slippers, which is an amazing and uber fast pattern!!  But, my first slipper turned out very bulky and not very shapely.  I realized that I had grabbed unmarked aran wt yarn and doubled the yarn instead of using worsted wt as indicated in the pattern. So although I frogged that slipper, I WILL make a pair of Oma House Slippers in the near future!


While I was trying to decide which worsted wt I wanted to use, I grabbed the aran wt yarn I had sitting there.  It happened to be Vanna's Choice.  And although I rarely use acrylic unless it's for an easy care project for the kidlets, this was actually a good choice for a slipper because I know my slippers will get lots of use and abuse.  I started the Textured Ballet Style Slippers pattern, which uses fpdc to give some added texture and interest.

I made some mods to this pattern.  I only did 3 alternating rnds of fpdc and sc instead of carrying it through the entire slipper.  I was afraid that the fpdc might be uncomfortable on the bottom of my feet.  Then I crocheted the rest of the slipper in sc and seamed the heel (right sides together) via sl st.  I edged the slipper by crocheting 2 rnds of sc around the entire slipper with the slipper being inside out.  Then I turned it right side out and completed a rnd of rsc as indicated in the pattern.  Finally I added a ribbon to be sure with vigorous use, the slipper doesn't come off my foot.

I still need to crochet it's mate and then add puffy paint to the bottoms to prevent slipping.



  1. YAY! you did rdc! super cute! great idea with the puffy paint - now i need some of that, too.
    meet you on the other side of the OMA House Slippers!

  2. I might have to make some of these. Came out great!


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