Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Ways to View My Blog!!

Google has introduced new Dynamic View for Blogger Blogs!  Mashable has a great article about the options today!  Basically, if you have a newer browser, you can add  /view after a Blogger Blog's address to see a pulldown menu in the upper right which will allow you to choose a view.  VERY COOL!  You can also add the view choice  (such as Mosaic view) to see just that view of the blog by adding /view/mosaic after the blog address.  Here's how Dynamic View enhances my blog:

I'm definitely going to try out these views while browsing Blogger Blogs.  I also downloaded the Dynamic View extension for Google Chrome.  Give it a whirl! 



  1. Until you showed what it looked like in your blog, I didn't really understand what blogger meant when they posted this update. Thanks for making it simple to understand

  2. I just tried it out on my own blog-- how fun!


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