Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Although my blog has been a-buzz with activity because of the AWESOME March Madness Giveaways, I have been in a complete creative lull.  I have not knit or crocheted in a week now! (No fever, I checked.)  Have you ever been in a funk where you just don't feel up to concentrating on a project?  Errrr... SO frustrating.  I have literally 9 or 10 WIPs and a bunch of yarn I want to start projects with, but I'm just in a funk.  Typically when I get into these funks, I pull out my Nook and read or listen to an audiobook.  But I'm not feelin' the reading lately either.

So I'm asking my readers: What do you do to get out of a creative lull?



  1. Well, when I'm in a funk it's time for a 'Home Spa Day. 1) Go to the market and purchase supplies: Fruit for fruit platter (strawberries, grapes, clementines); individual dessert from the bakery, sushi or other finger food with protein, sparkling juice. 2) rent a movie.
    3)Run a bubble bath. Play soothing music (I like New Age bamboo flute music), condition hair, do mani and pedi, slather body in lotion.
    Wrap self in terry robe and marinate in the lotion.
    Watch movie. Nibble on fruit and bites of food. not stress yourself about everything you want to do. Just be in the moment.
    You will be refreshed and ready to move on.

  2. I can say that I am in the same place you are right now. I get this way just after January every year... probably because I spent so much time up to December getting Christmas gifts made for my family who seems to add a new niece or nephew each year (two this year).

    I spend between February and about Mid-May reading and working on small things... like rabbits for my nephews or Block of the month squares for my Christmas charity blankets.

  3. Kae - GENIUS! I'm on it! I think tomorrow I shall indulge in a spa day!

    Sarah - Maybe that's what it is.. I've got project burn out. Try Kae's idea of a spa day. I'm gonna try it! :)

  4. Oh yes, Spa day is always good. I play with paint and paper - watercolours to be precise. I find being immersed in the colour and letting the paint do its own thing is incredibly therapeutic.

  5. Vandy - Oooo - watercolors DO sound therapeutic!

  6. I knit! I'm a quilter, but haven't been in the mood to quilt lately, so I have been knitting up a storm! Maybe you should try quilting!

  7. Ugh, I so hear you! It's not a very good thing, but if I'm in a knitting rut (which I am right now), I buy more yarn! It often inspires me, however it doesn't bode well for using up my stash.

  8. i am feeling this way right now. i have 3 WIPs that have been gathering dust for a few weeks. i've realized that i get in a rut when i am not completely happy. i only like to knit when i am happy.. so now i have to figure out how to get out of this post-breakup sadness and get back to hapy crafty fun time!!


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