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A Knitting Wrapsody By Kristin Omdahl

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I'm SO excited to be a part of Kristin Omdahl's A Knitting Wrapsody Blog tour!  When Interweave Press sent me Kristin's new book, I was ecstatic!  I have been following Kristin's designs for awhile now and think she's a genius.  And of course her new book, A Knitting Wrapsody, did not disappoint.  Okay, let me give you the basic info first:

Title: A Knitting Wrapsody
Author: Kristin Omdahl
Publisher: Interweave Press
ISBN: 978-1-59668307-5
Approximate Retail Price: $24.95 USD
Craft: Knitting

And unto the good stuff.. I know a lot of you know Kristin from her previous crochet designs and her "Crochet Corner" feature on the hit needlework show, Knitting Daily TV.  But as Kristin explains, she has been knitting as well as crocheting for a long time.  But here's the genius of Kristin's new Knitting book - it marries Kristin's love of architectural and structural pieces, ordinarily seen in crochet, with the fluid movements of lace knitting.  In this knitting book, I can feel Kristin's love of crochet in almost all of her pieces.
Kristin's designs take on a very geometric character. Not to say that all crochet is geometric - but crochet does offer motif work in a lot of patterns.  And that's something we knitters really don't see a lot of.  Breaking barriers and stereotypes about what knitting and crochet are, Kristin's pieces are artful, well designed, gorgeous, versatile, and functional.  Okay knitsters, don't be frightened off.  I know many a knitter who doesn't crochet.  And when someone starts throwing around crochet terms or the word "motif" they shy away.  (There's no crochet in this book.) Kristin anticipated any problems you may have with some of these unusual (but genius) techniques and created a DVD (included in the book!) to provide visual instruction on the techniques she inorporated in her designs.  Alright, I know you want the 411 on the designs.  In a word, AMAZING!  But let me break it down:

Scarves: In this section, Kristin gives us 5 very distinct scarf patterns:
  • I Do (Diamond Lace Scarf; almost a stole worked in fingering wt yarn) 
  • Nerina (a ruched and ruffled scarf worked in worsted wt yarn)
  • Lucky Clover (Reversible scarf with 4 petal cutouts worked in chunky/bulky wt yarn)
  • Melange (Crochet-Look Scarf worked in sportweight yarn)
  • Echo (Reversible, Drop Stitch Mobius worked in Chunky/Bulky wt yarn)
Wraps: As Kristin explains, wraps are a transition between shawls and sweaters.  She artfully demonstrates this in 6 designs
  • Anouk (Leather Laced Raglan Cape worked in DK wt yarn)
  • Sand Dollar (Belted Lace Cape worked in DK wt yarn)
  • Infinity (Cardi Wrap with Sleeves worked in chunky/bulky wt yarn)
  • Tree of Life (Embroidered Ruana worked in worsted wt yarn)
  • Ring of Cables (Oval Shrug worked in worsted wt yarn)
  • Summit (American Yak Wrap worked in sportweight yarn)
Shawls: Kristin's first love in knitting and crochet design.  Kristin pushes the limits of knitting to "incorporate some of the wonderful traits of crochet" in these 5 shawl patterns.
  • Lelani (Flower Motif Shawl worked in DK wt yarn)
  • Serpentine (Reversible Shawlette worked in sportweight yarn)
  • Tama (Bead-Trimmed Seashell Shawlette worked in sportweight yarn and Size 6 seed beads)
  • Warrior Wings (Cinched Edge Shawl worked in Dk wt yarn)
  • Tide Pool (Spiral Lace Shawl worked in laceweight yarn)
Skirts: In this section, Kristin appeals to our flirty, feminine sides with a pair of incredibly versatile skirts.
  • Flamenco (Ruffled Drawstring Skirt worked in sport weight yarn)
  • Arcelia (Gypsy Wrap Skirt worked in DK wt yarn)
I am in total knitting lust love with this book!  Kristin has a few signature pieces in this book that I personally feel will be viewed as timeless art pieces - namely Infinity, Lelani, Tide Pool, and Tree of Life.  Her book is  just as fabulous as she is!  It was such a delight to have the opportunity to review it.  You can find A Kntting Wrapsody at fine online and local retailers nationwide!

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Next stop on Kristin's blog tour is Lorna's Laces!!!  Be sure to pop on over there on Monday, March 21st!

Disclosure: Interweave Press provided KniPurlGurl with a free review copy of A Knitting Wrapsody.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for this review.  All opinions in the above review are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Kristin Omdahl and/or Interweave Press.



  1. I bought the book a few weeks ago and have the Infinity wrap book marked. I went and bought the yarn for it today. I am so excited to get started on it.

  2. Love Yarn of any is always nice...giveaways are really nice...I crochet baby blankets for Arlington Pregnancy Centers..they help women choose life for their babies!

  3. This book is going to be a "must have" for my library. I love to be wrapped in a shawl or a scard hug!
    Andrea W.

  4. Andrea W email verification:
    radosgirl4 at gmail dot com
    dcmarina at verizon dot net
    Use them both. One for work one for play.
    Thank you! (Sorry for any confusion or extra work that I may cause you. I am really caught up in March Madness!)


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