Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finishing Up: Totally Tam


In honor of National Crochet Month, I joined a CAL (crochet along)!!  I chose the Shibaguyz' CAL because it was indicated for crocheters of all levels!!  (And they're 2 completely AWESOME guys.. AND they are giving away some pretty awesome prizes.. Anywho..)  To participate in the CAL, we had to choose a Shibaguyz Designz pattern.  Originally, I'd chosen a wrap pattern of theirs, but since my time is limited because I've been without a computer and need to focus on getting caught up, I went with a smaller project: Totally Tam.  This picture is of the top of the tam.  (I crocheted the woman's version.  There are 2 versions: the woman's hat and the men's slouchie.)  In order to get my paws (Get it - PAWS, SHIBA..  I crack myself up.) on this pattern, I had to order a back copy of Crochet! Magazine.  Fortunately, when you order it, you can download the PDF file RIGHT away!!


Here is the "brim" of the hat.  Because I crocheted this out of Noro Cash Iroha (#82, Camel colorway), there were some thick and some thin areas of the yarn.  I love how open the solid color makes the brim appear.  (BTW - I used a US "J" hook)  Although I'm finished with all of the crocheting, I still need to weave in ends and block.  I have almost NO yarn left.  I was biting my nails the entire time I was finishing the last couple of rounds!

This was a fast and fun crochet project.  -And it's terrific for newbs like myself who are just getting a feel for crochet.  It requires that you perform the following stitches: sc, dc, sc dec (or sc2tog), fpdc, bpdc, bpdc dec (which is essentially a dc dec or dc2tog).  It is seamless and contains only 26 rounds in Aran wt. yarn.  So like I said, it's a quickie!  As soon as I finish the blocking, I'll take a pic with it on!

Happy National Crochet Month, fiberistas!  Hook on!



  1. This is so cute! I've tried to pick up crocheting...really, I have. But, it's almost like my brain cannot comprehend the sc, dc, fpdc of it all. I'm not giving up though. Eventually, I will learn the language. Until then I'll be over here working my k1,p1,ssk,k1-f&b,psso,yo,etc. haha ;)

  2. Very sweet! My ordered yarn will take a while to get here so I am going to the store tomorrow to buy some so I can start my wrap. :)


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