Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finished: Walking on Sunshine Slouchy


DD (age 6) loved my Totally Tam so much that she wanted me to crochet her a hat too.  She fell in love with the Cascade Yarns Pacific yarn I had in this glorious yellow color (Steelers' Yellow, yinz).  So I grabbed my hook and starting flipping through patterns.  To my dismay, I kept starting the slouchy and by the 2nd or 3rd round, my stitch count was off.  So I begged asked the good crocheters of the Twitterverse to come to my rescue!  And they did!!!  Gotta love Twitter.  There are so many amazingly talented and awesome people on Twitter!  And I am so fortunate that several gave me tips, advice, suggestions, and links!!!


But it was Jocelyn Sass of Too Cute Crochet who really came to my rescue big time and answered a bazillion questions via DM and email!!!  (THANK YOU!!)  I started her pattern, Slouchy Beret/Beanie, and really learned the ins and outs of crocheting in the round: how to tell which st to crochet into in the next round after joining, in particular.  With her help and her pattern, I was able to crochet DD a simple slouchy that she LURVES!


I made a few mods to the pattern:
  • I used worsted wt since it was going to frame DD's face.  Bulky would've been too big (heavy)
  • I added 7 additional rnds to accommodate for the change in yarn wt and to create some slouch
  • Reverse sc is a little fiddly for me yet, so I crocheted 3 rnds of sc to finish
Please show Too Cute Crochet a little love!!  Visit the shop or buy Jocelyn's patterns on Ravelry!



  1. Very cute! I'm sure that your sweet little one will look cuter patuters in that hat. What a great color for springtime!

  2. The beret looks WONDERFUL! Your DD is soooo cute in it! I am so glad that the pattern helped you! I love it so much when a fellow crocheter is successful!

  3. This turned out so cute and she looks darling in it!


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