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eMag Review: Sockupied Spring 2011

Sockupied Vol 2

Alrighty knitters, remember back in August when I reviewed the Premier Issue of Sockupied?! - The interactive multi-media eMag for sock knitters?  Well the Spring 2011 Edition is available NOW!  And you're gonna love it!

Title: Sockupied Spring 2011 For Windows PC / For Macintosh
Publisher: Interweave Press
Format: eMag; Requires Adobe Air (FREE Software)
Approximate Retail Price: $14.97
Craft: Knitting (Sock)
Highlights in this Edition: 
  • 5 Sock Patterns
  • 2 In-Depth Tutorials
  • 3 Calculators
  • 13 Videos
So here's the skinny.  I'm a total gadget and tech junkie.  And a knit-o-holic.  So anything that combines both of my favorite things is a total thumbs up in my opinion.  I just absolutely adore the way this eMag is set up.  From beginning to end, it's just jam-packed with info and interesting surprises.  So let me give you a written tour of sorts.

Sockupied starts immediately to engage the knitter in interactive media, right from the cover!  When you roll over the article graphics with your mouse/pointer, a sneak peak of what's in the article will be uncovered.  And when you come to the Contents Page, you'll notice immediately that if you hover over any of the article titles, they will highlight.  This means you can click on the particular article you are interested in and it will automatically take you there.  OR you can scroll through the eMag page by page by clicking on the arrow at the top.  Bear with me here - these things make me giddy.  I really liked the added interactive touch on the Editor's Page (which most people just skip past in a regular mag - I mean it's usually a bunch of names that the reader doesn't really care too much about.) which allows the reader to roll over an editor's name to see whom they knit socks for.  I thought that was a really cool personal touch.

Okay, so I've gushed over the cover and fine print.  Now onto the meat of the mag..  Sockupied continues with it's regular column, "Feet on the Street," which highlights 3 sock knitters' stories via video. Next it moves onto a 2 page feature highlighting the various circular needles that are beloved by sock knitters who like to knit on circs.  Within this 2 page feature, there is a video of the editor, Anne Merrow, explaining and demonstrating knitting socks on 2 circular needles and on 1 circular needle, using Magic Loop.  And of course, a sock magazine wouldn't be complete if it didn't highlight some terrific sock yarns. In the Spring 2011 Volume, Sockupied takes a peek at Silk Blend sock yarns.  What I really liked about this article is that it shows the yarn worked up in a sock so you can see what the colorway looks like knitted.  It also gives you the 411 on each yarn. If you roll over each sock, a picture of the yarn (unknit) will appear. (I'm crushing on the Spud & Chloe Fine pictured in the mag!)

The featured How-To article for this Volume is all about calculations - Included is a 5 page thorough article about calculating Short Row Heel, Toe Up Flap, and Toe Down Flap, with corresponding calculators for each.  Eunny Jang demonstrates 4 different bind off methods for toe-up socks in the Sockupied Tech Article. And of course, there are 5 lovely sock patterns to whet your appetite!

Overall, I love this Volume of Sockupied.  Obviously, the eMag format agrees with me.  But I think by and large, the eMag format is fabulous for sock knitting.  A lot of wanna-be sock knitters find knitting socks daunting or a bit of a challenge.  And with this interactive mag, the knitter will be able to view patterns and see video demonstrations related to those patterns.  It's a complete experience from cuff to toe or toe to cuff!

Sockupied Spring 2011 (Vol. 2) is available NOW!  So pick yourself up a copy and knit some beautiful spring socks!! :)

Disclosure: Interweave Press provided KnitPurlGurl with a free review copy of Sockupied Spring 2011 eMag for Windows PC.  KnitPurlGurl was not compensated for this review.  All opinions expressed in the above review are those of the blog author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Interweave Press.



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