Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Garland

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So I am completely Valentine's Day CRAZED!  LOVE me any excuse to make quick little projects that help me practice my crochet.  And they're hearts to boot!  'Can't beat that!  I was going to make the Heart Garland by Suzette Williams, but I didn't like how my ch was turning out while crocheting the hearts.  So I decided to just make the hearts individually and fasten off.  I grabbed my scrap yarn: Red Heart Soft Yarn in Off White, Stitch Nation Yarn in Peony, Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Rose Pink, and Vanna's Choice in Cranberry.  I made 3 hearts of each color, and weaved in all of the ends.  Then I ch 20, grabbed a heart, sc through the 2nd tc from the ctr of the heart to attach and repeated until I had half of the little hearts attached.  Then I sc 3 in the top on one side and sc 3 in the top of the other side of the large heart (the Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern by Bella Dia).  Then I repeated with ch 20, sc attaching the hearts until the last 6 little hearts were all attached.  The hearts to the left of the large center heart, face right and the hearts to the right of the ctr heart, face left for symmetry.

CameraFun - 2011-02-01 15.02.19

The ONLY thing I did not pay attention to: I didn't attach the sc 3 at the same exact place on either side of the large heart.  I eyeballed it when attaching the right heart and should've counted.  Oh well.  Like the Amish say, always leave a small imperfection in your work to remind you that you're not perfect (We aren't God).  So, my unperfect heart garland looks homey and charming.  DD wants to hang it on her bed.  And I think I'll let her!

CameraFun - 2011-02-01 14.57.11

This was a really fast, enjoyable project that I did while watching a movie with the kiddos.  If I make another, I may thread some thin wire through the ch part of the garland so that I can bend it on my mantle.  And I'd definitely center my sc(s) on my center heart!  ;p  (God has seen my crochet -it's no where near perfect on it's own!)


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  1. Yikes you are fast! I'm still putzing around with a scarf - you've finished a project and you have kids! Looks great and sets a nice stage for valentine's day.


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