Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Blocking Mats: Transverse Shawlette

Transverse Shawlette

Here's the "simple" shawlette that should've taken me a mere couple of days, but wound up taking a week.  It is going to be considerably smaller than the designer's original pattern.    Like I said, I knit it on a US Size 7 Kollage Square Circular Needle (which is more like a US Size 6).  The designer calls for a US size 7 and since I'm a tight knitter, I always have to go up at least 1 needle size.  So I knit it approx. 2 needle sizes smaller, with the same wt yarn.  In this case, I used Kollage Riveting sport weight yarn (Review of this yarn will be posted tomorrow!).  My shawl ended up blocking 39" wide by 17" from top center to center point bottom.  I'm glad I went smaller.  The designer says 350-360 yds of sport wt. yarn.  If I'd have gone bigger, I would have definitely run out of yarn.  (I had 350 yds. of Riveting).  At any rate, this will make a good neck shawl, which is what I wanted!!



  1. You did it!! I'm so glad you didn't run out of yarn. Gorgeous!

  2. It's beautiful! Also, I've noticed your blocking mats on other projects...where did you find them? I need something like this I can lay in the floor when I block.


  3. Liat - Thanks!

    Amanda - I got the blocking mats from Knit Picks :)


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